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All through my pregnancy and during the birth itself Paola helped me with her tailor-made hypnotherapy programmes. Any doubts or negative feelings during pregnancy disappeared after listening nearly every day to my tape for 'a wonderful pregnancy'. Most of all, the tape helped me to see pregnancy as a totally natural and beautiful event, which has to be enjoyed as much as possible. I learned to see the female body as perfectly designed to cope with all the extra strain of pregnancy. Encouraged to eat healthily and to keep very fit, I felt attractive and happy throughout the nine months. I did not suffer from changing moods, high blood pressure or stretch marks and two minor varicose veins disappeared immediately after having given birth.  During the last term of the pregnancy, I followed Paola's programme for a painless and relaxed natural birth. It prepared me perfectly to see labour as a natural and necessary process and taught me how to utilise the rhythm of the contractions to support the birth process and how to breathe correctly to reduce the pain. I learned to trust my body to be designed for the task and to see every part of labour as a purposeful step towards its final stage, the actual birth of the child. Finally, I gave birth to a healthy and relaxed baby boy exactly on his due date. Labour only lasted about seven hours and for pain relief I merely used gas and air and the visualisation and breathing techniques from Paola's hypnotherapy tapes. I thoroughly enjoyed the birth and found it easy to cope with the pain. After having given birth I recovered extremely fast and found breastfeeding a very natural and easy process.It seems the relaxed nature of my son might well be the result of 'our' listening to the relaxation tapes during the pregnancy.To make pregnancy and birth enjoyable and natural events I strongly recommend hypnotherapy as the main step towards it.

Baby Stefan

Hypnobirthing baby Stefan Happy, contented baby Stefan - a hypnobirth baby  Calm mothers create happy, calm babies

What other mothers have said about Hypnobirthing


J.H., Croydon - first baby
It was regularly pointed out to me by my midwife and doctor that I stayed very calm and relaxed.  Also my positive attitude to the "naturalism" of the entire birth helped me a lot.  I did tear, but the healing was so quick using the hypnotherapy. I also found breastfeeding very easy and I had previously been worried about this.

T. D., Beckenham - first baby
It is difficult to say how I would have felt had I not had hypnotherapy, but I was certainly calm and relaxed and felt in "control".  I am so happy that everything was natural.  I did not need anything other than gas and air and I did not need an episiotomy.

S. T., Bromley - second baby
My first birth was induced at 41 weeks and 4 days which led to more and more intervention, i.e. epidural and eventual C-section.  Had very negative feelings and some post natal depression after the birth.
However, with the hypnotherapy for the second birth I found that Paola's serenity seemed to envelop me and it gave me the confidence to achieve anything, which I did as I had a totally natural birth.

S.L., Bromley - first baby
The pregnancy and birth tape were brilliant.  I was so calm and relaxed and only needed to use gas and air.  I had a totally natural birth and no intervention whatsoever.

J. Q-H., Kent - third baby
Wow - the hypnosis really worked!!  The baby was born in just under two hours and I noticed such a difference from the previous two births.  I had been very sceptical because I had not listened to the tape that much.  However, this birth was so much less painful and I was so very calm.  With the other births I had suffered sickness and the shakes throughout the birth and this did not happen at all with the third one.  Also I needed no pain relief whatsoever and I had no stitches which I had with the other two.
Giving birth this time was like taking a walk down to the shops.  It was a breeze and so easy, no trouble at all really.

N. B-W., Kent - first baby
I was so calm and confident, deeply inside.  It was an overwhelming experience.  Actually it was fantastic.  I needed nothing, not even gas and air.  I was amazed at how energetic I felt after the birth.  In fact I feel on cloud nine!  The breastfeeding is fantastic and I love it.  I feel like an earth mother.
Giving birth was the most empowering and serene experience I have ever had and my baby is very calm, too.

Sophie Langham,  Sydenham - first baby
"feelings about hypnosis so far" My first session of hypnosis with Paola covered general relaxation and better sleeping at night, which was a problem at the time. On the first night after the session, and from then on, my sleeping was greatly improved,  I still woke up during the night, but could get comfortable again quickly and fall straight to sleep without endless fidgeting. 
My later session was more specific to me.  Paola had previously asked if I had a particular place that I could imagine that would make me feel comfortable and relaxed.  Once she knew my place she referred to it specifically in my hypnosis; it was fantastic, as I felt she was really tuned into me.  The thing that impressed me most and helped me to relax so deeply was how thorough Paola was.  As I was relaxing further I found myself hoping she would refer to something, or not leave something out I knew would help me go deeper into hypnosis.  This was mildly distracting to start with, but Paola covered everything!  So I was wholly and deeply relaxed and I am like this now whenever I listen to the tape.
I am listening to the tape regularly.  All is going well.  Sometimes during the day, when I get restless and can't get comfortable anywhere, sitting, standing, or lying down, then that's the time for my tape - it helps enormously. Thank you, Paola, once again for your help.  I'll keep you posted of the results of the big day!

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Other Comments about hypnotherapy


Susan Jay, Shirley, Surrey, who had Hairy Cell Leukaemia

I am out and about leading a normal life because I am experiencing NO side effects from the chemotherapy.  I cannot believe my good luck but I am sure you will, Paola.  From speaking to others who have had chemo I realise that the side effects vary in severity and duration but I do not know anyone who has suffered none. They are pleased with my progress and the consultant is now saying that I only need 4 sessions of chemo instead of 6. I am now munching my way through my second pack of crystallised ginger and, as you know, I hated this before I came to see you for the hypnotherapy. Thank you for your wonderful help.


Mrs E H, Croydon, Surrey, who came to see me to reduce her pains due to illness and to overcome cancer- 6.8.2004

Dear Paola
This card is sent to reiterate "Thank You" for all you did for me in helping me get through such serious medical conditions, over the last two years, of a FRACTURED SPINE, OSTEOPOROSIS AND CANCER.  Listening to your wonderful voice and doing all the things you told me in the Hypnotic Sleep was really beneficial in every way.  I really could not have coped without your very kind help.
Yours sincerely Mrs E H


Sue Munday, Fairseat, Kent, who came to see me to help her cope with the treatment for breast cancer - 14.7.2005

I was at my lowest ebb, unable to see my way forward. I couldn't cope with the chemo, my mother in depression over my cancer, and the thought that I may not see my little girl (3years old) grow up.
Paola taught me to cope with these very emotional and painful times. By listening to her voice (on the tape she made especially for me) over and over, it gave me the power to see my treatment through to the very end.
I have a great relationship with my mum now, and a little more faith in my future. (I can talk about it without having a panic attack.)
Thank you Paola
Sue Munday


Ann Richards, Bromley, Kent, who had a phobia of being a passenger in a car.

I had suffered from a very real fear of traveling by car for twenty years.  Steadily this fear became deeper and more incapacitating.  The night before a journey, I would have difficulty sleeping and the journey itself would find me tense and even having to screw my eyes tight shut to avoid seeing the other vehicles, especially lorries. I had three hypnotherapy sessions with Paola.  I can honestly say the improvement has been amazing.  I no longer have sleepless nights before a journey.  I can calmly sit in the front of the car and enjoy the journey and happily watch the world go by.  I no longer arrive at my destination feeling irritable and headachy.  Hypnotherapy has certainly benefited me.


Ann Moore, Moscow, who also had a phobia of being a passenger in a car - July 2003

Paola Bagnall writes:-
Ann got in touch with me as a result of seeing the above testimonial from Anne Richards.  Ann Moore is, in fact, also called Ann Richards which is her married name.  She was intrigued that someone with the same name should have exactly the same phobia.  So I put Ann from Moscow and Anne from Bromley in touch via email.  As a result of this, Ann form Moscow decided to come and see me for an intensive course of hypnotherapy while visiting family in Ireland.
We worked over three days, and in between sessions I actually took Ann out for a drive in my car.  After the final session we did a drive along the M25 as motorways had been a major problem.  Ann then went home with her tape recording of the second session so that she could reinforce all the changes she desired, allowing her to feel, and be comfortable; when being a passenger in a car.

Ann wrote the following to me:
"Just to let you know how I am getting on in the car.  At first there really didn't seem to be much of a difference but now I think I am doing much better. I have been out on several occasions with my driver and even my husband!  I sit in the back as I still do not feel confident enough to sit in the front but I am not nearly so nervous as before although it is not entirely an enjoyable experience! I still have the odd very bad day but on the whole I am much improved.  My husband notices a distinct change for the better and my father-in-law was absolutely amazed!
So, Paola, thank you for all your help. It is one less stress to cope with!"  


Ann Kellaway, Selsdon, Surrey, who had a spider phobia  

Ever since I can remember I have been frightened of spiders .... I couldn't even look at pictures of them and always had to look away or even leave the room if they appeared on the TV and I would never go into the shed, especially in Autumn!  I can't recall a time when a spider in the bath or on the ceiling or anywhere in the house didn't make me feel afraid and distressed, to such an extent that I have invited strangers into my house to catch them when there was no-one else around.    Afterwards I would feel ashamed and embarrassed and would vow that the next time I would deal with it myself ... this, of course, never happened - not, that is, until I met Paola.  After just two sessions of hypnotherapy, and listening to her tape, the awful feeling of dread when a spider appears, has gone.  Instead of running around in panic, I can now deal with it calmly and try to either ignore it (which is a bit difficult) or put a glass over it until someone else can remove it. I haven't yet got to the stage of picking it up myself, but it is such a relief not to have that feeling of horror and apprehension and to feel "in control".


Patricia Rafftrey, Penge, SE20, who had had a spider phobia for 50 years – January 2009

Dear Paola
I am so thankful for your help as a hypnotherapist to overcome my fear of spiders.
I had this phobia from the age of thirteen until seventy three when you helped me to be in control of my every day life.
Thank you so very much
Patricia Rafftrey

Jess Bull, Sanderstead, Surrey,who suffered from travel sickness in any moving vehicle

I first met Mrs B through college where she was my biology tutor.  During the time I knew her she took up hypnotherapy.  I came to Mrs B as I am a diver, and used to get really seasick.  The final straw was when I wanted to be a PADI DIVEMASTER.  I know I could not take medication as it made me sleepy.  I had the hypnosis, almost instantly stopped being seasick, and gained so much confidence at sea I even drive boats now.  With Mrs B's help I am now a PADI OPEN WATER SCUBA INSTRUCTOR and a MEDIC FIRST AID INSTRUCTOR working in the tropical island of Fiji.  Without her help I would still be dreaming of this life.


Sue Owen, Croydon, Surrey, came to see me as she suffered from travel sickness in all moving vehicles – June 2008
Sue sent me an email 31.8.2008

So sorry it has taken a long time to send you feedback after my sessions with you (in June) regarding my travel sickness problem. To date it seems to have worked and have been able to travel in my husbands car for relatively short distances but without problems. Still awaiting to go on a long trip with him but its impossible at the moment for this to happen. The only time I suffered with travel sickness was coming back in a coach from Turkey where we had a long drive to the airport but I think this could have been due to slight sunstroke, which I unfortunately got that day. Tried listening to your CD on the coach but it didn't help. Apart from that unfortunate evening things have been a lot better so I would just like to say a big thank you to you. Would highly recommend you to friends and family. Sue Owen.

Richard Griffiths, Beckenham, Kent,  who became a non-smoker.

I saw Paola for only two sessions.  I had seen other hypnotherapists and Paola was definitely the best I had seen.  I found her soothing voice deeply relaxing which took me into very deep hypnosis.  I stopped smoking after the first session.  At the second appointment, Paola recorded the hypnotic session, so I was able to take myself into self-hypnosis daily and so reinforce all the work of both sessions.  After six months, I am great, no longer a smoker and keen to improve my fitness. I haven't had any pangs to smoke which considering I went to a party and got drunk last week is great. Funnily enough, I've sort of lost my desire to get drunk as well. Wife pleased as I'm doing all the driving on nights out. I feel more relaxed than ever and I have lost weight as well (one and a half stone).  WEIRD !!!!!!!!!!!!

L S, Beckenham, Kent,  who became a non-smoker - 22.09.2004 

Dear Paola,
I came to see you on 6 May seeking hypnotherapy to stop smoking. I thought I had better give myself six months before risking being put on your website as a success. Just under the six months and I am still not smoking - I have put on a little weight I am afraid but I am talking lbs, not stones.
I think paying to sit in front of a complete stranger to say out loud the obvious reasons for not wanting to smoke - and listening to your excellent hypnotherapy session adapted accordingly - was the motivation that I needed to quit and I know that without your help I would still be a smoker.
So here I am, an elderly non-smoker (56 years) who feels so much better for giving up both health-wise and esteem-wise.
With kind regards,

Vicky Goodey, Keston, Kent who became a non-smoker - 2.09.2006

Being an on/off smoker since my late teens, I suddenly decided that I didn't want to be anymore. I found Paola through the Natural Medicine Centre in West Wickham. She came highly recommended with a strong success rate. 'why are you here?' she asked. 'because I don't want to die from smoking' was my reply. We then set about the task.

Paola made me feel instantly at ease as soon as she started speaking really. An inner calm, I have since described it as. We chatted about when I smoked, how and why. Within the very first session, I knew something had changed in me. Through the power of suggestion created by Paola, I no longer wanted to smoke. By the second session, I had stopped

Since then I have met with her and she has helped me with other matters such as hayfever, travel sickness and an ongoing inner ear problem. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to all and have passed on her number to many of my  friends. Try hypnotherapy, it really works! 


Mary Wright, Croydon, Surrey – came to see me to be a non-smoker – email received 21.7.2010

I wanted to tell you that I have given up smoking and have not had a cigarette for just over 4 weeks. It is entirely due to your CD although I recognize that I had to listen to it and implement it. I fixed a quit date and then listened to the CD many times and I was able to give up very easily and have not felt I wanted to start again. I have the usual kind of cravings, but have lost the desire to smoke. The CD was brilliant! At the Smoking Cessation clinic they clearly did not believe that the hypnosis had had any impact. They told me that I was doing it the most difficult way without nicotine replacement but I am sure it must be better without, as otherwise the drug is still being fed. Anyway, I have done it and am very proud, not to say amazed! I would certainly recommend hypnotherapy to others and use it again myself if I had issues that would respond to that type of treatment.

THANK YOU. I can now look forward to a healthier and happier retirement, not to mention 35 pounds a week extra in my pocket!!!!!
Love from Mary

Catrin, Streatham, Surrey, who improved her confidence and self-esteem

I went to see Paola because I wanted to change my attitude and behaviour and improve my confidence.  I have found it difficult to cope with stress and this has affected my health a great deal. I had a lot of anger inside me from past experiences and wanted to move on in my life so I could have a better relationship with my son and ensure he didn't grow up feeling angry and stressed. I wanted us both to be happy. After only two sessions with Paola and a recording at the second one, which I could play daily, I found my whole attitude to life had changed. I feel positive about myself and who I am and I now handle stress calmly which has got rid of the anxiety associated with it. Other people have noticed the changes in me because I am so much more relaxed and happy and so is my son. I would recommend a visit to Paola because she makes you feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as you meet her, and you come away from the session feeling motivated and confident which stays with you especially using the recording of your session.


Christine Dyer, Beckenham, Kent, a violinist, who overcame stage fright

Hypnotherapy really worked for me, but its success, I feel sure, was due in no small part to Paola's gentle, reassuring manner. I felt extremely comfortable with Paola as my therapist; she made my two sessions a stress-free and pleasant experience. Playing the violin is an important part of my life - has been since early childhood - and I was distressed that something that had given me so much pleasure could trigger such feelings of anxiety and frustration. My stage fright (shaking, feeling frozen, sick to the stomach, memory blanks) had started in my teens (some 30 years ago), and while I had accepted that playing in public had become impossible for me, the problem had recently flared up again and I was struggling to play with friends. Even practising on my own at home had ceased to be a pleasure. I still don't know what caused the initial flare-up but that didn't impede my treatment in any way - I had been worried about that as a potential block to success. Progress was steady and noticeable after I came to see Paola. I didn't push myself too hard, though (I'm a steady but sure sort of person), and so for a few months I was content to play with a group of supportive friends. Spurred on by my success, I felt ready for the big one, and last week I did a solo performance in front of a small crowd at a French music festival. I am thrilled to report that I did it without a wobble. I also felt happy and relaxed while I was playing - and I remembered to breathe! I've done it at last.  Thank you so much


Caroline Berry, Sutton, Surrey, who became a better public speaker 

I contacted Paola as I had a big presentation to do at work in front of 70 of my marketing colleagues - my most feared audience! I hadn't really done a big presentation before, especially in a professional capacity and knowing how nervous I got just doing readings at friends' weddings I wanted to see if hypnosis would help me with my confidence and to control my nerves. I had two sessions with Paola where I underwent hypnosis, and she also taught me lots of techniques including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP anchor and breathing exercises. When it came to the presentation, I felt much more in control of my feelings and didn't feel as worked up as I have done with previous public speaking. I still felt nervous giving the presentation, but felt a lot calmer and in control which I feel was a combination of feeling relaxed (due to the hypnosis), controlling my breathing and EFT, which is a brilliant technique and can be used for all sorts of feelings.The presentation went really well and lots of people commented that I came across as very professional and confident. I felt wonderful afterwards with a great feeling of accomplishment so I know that I can do it for next time and it will be even better. I will continue to listen to the tape (which was especially made for me at the second session) for easing stress, tiredness and for general relaxation and positive thinking.
I'm now a big fan of hypnotherapy and would recommend Paola to anyone!


Paul Haile, Croydon, Surrey, who ran the London Marathon 18.4.2004 

Paul came to see me as he wanted to run it non-stop and to sprint the last mile.
Hi Paola,I did complete it in 5 hours 12 minutes 30 seconds!I ran very quickly for about 17/18 miles (too quickly) then the legs started to really ache.  Thereafter I ran half a mile and walked half a mile up to 25 miles then the last 1.2 miles I ran to the finish.It was one of the best days of my life very emotional and rewarding, I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks for all your help, I couldn't have done it without the training and I believe that your assistance was equally important as standing at the start line waiting for the gun I knew that by hell or high water (or the torrential rain) that I was going to complete the race. Thanks again Paul


Ceinwen Hayes, Coulsdon, Surrey, who became more relaxed taking her AS exams - 2.7.2004

In the middle of my AS exams I had a panic attack and was totally unable to concentrate on my revision. Paola asked me how I was feeling and why I thought I felt like that. She then talked me into a short period of deep relaxation, which was hypnosis.  I can honestly say that that worked wonders for me.  I had not felt so relaxed for a very long time.  During the session I found both physical and mental peace - two things I had lost due to the extent to which the stress of my exams was affecting me. In all, the session refreshed me and although it was short, it was just what I needed during such a hard time.  I would highly recommend it to anyone experiencing similar problems with their exams.


Bethany Thompson (aged 10), West Wickham, Kent, who came to see me as she was anxious about her SATS exams and school in general - 24.7.2004

My name is Beth.  I would like to tell you about the tape that Paola made for me.  It really did help me because I couldn't really concentrate on my work properly. But my mum told me that Paola might be able to help me with a tape. I went in a little room with her and I laid on a small bed with a blanket on me, there was soft and relaxing music in the back ground and she was recording her voice and the music on the tape.Some nights I listen to the tape and I can concentrate now.  I'm not really smart but I can understand things more properly than before. Thank you Beth (10 years old)


Roman Subbotin, Dulwich, Surrey, who came to see me for more confidence because he had a slight stammer, and to pass his GCSE exams with ease - 7.9.2004

Dear Paola,
I promised to write you an email when I got my GCSE grades and to just say how I have been...
Well, first off I would like to thank you for what you did for me; I, and my parents, feel the hypnosis really helped me both in terms of my confidence and speech... I was skeptical when my mom was first telling me about you, but I am very glad to have been proven wrong.
As far as my GCSE results, I got: 7 A*s (not including my Russian which I took two years ago and got an A), 1 A, 1 B (which my school has appealed, as I, as well as my teachers, do not feel is fair - furthermore I was marked only one mark off an A...).
The six form has been a lot of fun so far and I am enjoying it, and I now have more confidence to socialise with everyone in the common room and just say a few words to anyone....
So once again, many thanks,


Shona Patel, Thorton Heath, Surrey, who also became more relaxed taking exams and used her tape for her A levels and is still using her tape at University - 2.9.2004

The Inner Power tape is an excellent way of relaxation. It helped me to feel more confident and more energised during my A-level exams. It helped me to revise efficiently and easily and to be confident in my ability at the time of each exam. I have used the tape for all my university exams too, and I am now in my final year. The tape has certainly made a difference and I am going to continue using the tape whenever I need to throughout my life, not just for exams, as I enjoy listening to it because it does make me feel so good about myself. The tape is so great. It makes me feel so relaxed. It is amazing!


Michael Gray (aged 15), Shirley, Surrey, who came to see me for help with his learning and recall - 21.5. 2006

Dear Paola,
Yes my studies are going great thanks to the hypnosis tape, I can seem to sit down and revise without forgetting things easily. Also in mathematics I'm amazed as to how many equations I can do, although there are some types which I'm having trouble with but I'm sure with a bit of revision that they will get better, also using the tape of course.
I find that now when listening to the tape I'm not aware of the time which is quite a cool experience.
Thanks so much
Michael Gray

Jack Moore (aged 11), Bexley, Kent – came to see me with anxiety problems that created pains all over his body and so affected his life greatly – 19.4.2011
His parents wrote me this testimonial 14.7.2011:

Our son had suffered from anxiety pains for a few months and we were beginning to think there was no light at the end of the tunnel when we were recommended to contact Paola. From the first phone call to the last session she eased our minds and helped our son to control his anxieties. He is very much improved and his anxiety pains are under control. Not only is he now more relaxed but we feel more confident about his future.
Steve and Gill Moore

Sarah Hayler, Walderslade, Kent, who reduced her weight easily and effortlessly  (testimonial written by her partner Allun) - 4.7.2004  

My name is Allun and I live with Sarah, who has visited you a few times in order to help with her weight loss.
I wanted to take the time to drop you a line to thank you so much for your help.Not only is Sarah losing weight consistently for the first time in many years but I have got back the confident and outgoing woman I fell in love with when we first met.Her personality changed as she put more weight on, culminating in her having almost zero confidence during the time immediately before she first came to see you. I haven't listened to her tape but whatever it's contents are, they, coupled with your few live sessions, are feeding Sarah's confidence and not only is she losing weight but becoming her old self again. Thanks to you I am falling in love with her all over again and I can't thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you and I wish you the very best of luck for the future. Regards, Allun.


L.S., Shirley, Surrey, who came to see me to reduce her weight

Thanks Paola, I am so glad I came to see you. I can't even put into words how grateful I am to you. You have, without doubt, given me my life back. I nearly hugged you when I left after my last appointment......but thought against it!! You kind of forget you don't know someone personally when you are having such close and personal help and treatment.


Valerie Gould, South Norwood, Surrey, who changed her eating habits and so reduced her weight easily - 5.8.2004

I needed to lose weight but I knew that going on a diet was not going to work because I needed to take control of my eating habits.  But no matter how I tried I could not manage to take control.  So, as a last resort I decided to try hypnotherapy.  I was sceptical and a bit apprehensive but Paola put me at ease and talked me through the process which, for me has been a completely worthwhile experience I should have done it a long time ago. I am losing weight slowly but more importantly I am now very much in control of my eating habits.


Emma Abrey, Orpington, Kent , who came to see me to reduce her weight - 22.9.2010

I first saw Paola back in April 2010. I was overweight and needed help. I lacked self-confidence and I never thought that I could survive my loneliness and self doubt without chocolate and all of the other bad unhealthy food.

I consider myself a very logical person and see things from a very black and white point of view, in other words I was a complete sceptic, however, I thought I had nothing to loose and made an appointment to see Paola.

I have had three sessions and can happily report that I have lost three and a half stone in five months and more unbelievably I have not eaten or even been tempted to eat chocolate!! I am not a scientist or anything like that so I cannot explain the facts behind Hypnotherapy all I can say is that it was the right thing for me to do even though I thought I may not benefit from it but trust me when I say "I have!"

My colleagues at work have asked me so many questions about the Hypnotherapy I think I can more or less quote the CD's I was given word for word, but I still cannot explain why it has worked, all I can tell them is that it has and I feel a lot better because of it.

I have recommended other people to Paola and I would happily recommend hypnotherapy to anybody.


Morvarid Pourtadayon, Surrey, who had a bird phobia - 11.12.2004

My fear (phobia) of birds started when I was a little girl of seven. My cousin put a chicken on my head and I was absolutely terrified by this. Ever since then I have always been frightened of any kind of birds and I could not even see them on TV or as pictures in books. This got to a point that I could not even walk in parks, or places (high streets) where there were birds around. I felt so embarrassed and ashamed and I knew I had to do something about this.
I first met Mrs. B through college, where she was my biology tutor. I used to go to her Relaxation Classes and I knew she was also a hypnotherapist. After discussing my fear with her, we did two sessions of hypnotherapy and she also recorded a special tape just for me so I could listen to it.
On the second session Mrs. B helped me to confront my fears while in hypnosis.
The experience was amazing! I still cannot believe what happened. My fear has gone. I started by looking at pictures of birds in books and magazines. I even went to our local pond and fed the ducks there, something I never believed I would never do. I felt so pleased and proud of myself.
I no longer have the phobia of birds and hypnotherapy has certainly benefited me.
I still listen to the tape and I find her amazing voice extremely relaxing. I have to say a big thank you to Mrs. B for the kind and wonderful job she did for me.


Penny Johnson, Coulsdon, Surrey, who learnt to cope with bereavement - 4.2.2005

Dear Paola
Thank you so much for helping me after the recent death of my mother.

We were very close, and although I did everything I could when she was so ill and dying, I later felt I could and should have done so much more. I was totally filled with guilt and pain. Also, the awful memories of her dying dominated my thoughts, so that I could not sleep or relax, and really began to wonder if I was losing my mind.

After our first session, I felt a sense of inner peace that I had not known for months, and after our second session, you gave me a tape recording of the session to play whenever I wanted. This was so good for me. The 'black days' still come and go, but now I play your tape and hear your voice, and can feel calm. I am learning to be 'like myself' again.

When you are in the depths of despair, there seems no way out - you have helped me to help myself. Thank you so much.
Yours sincerely


Charlie Thomas, Tooting, London, who to see me for more confidence with public speaking. He was getting married and wanted to give a really good speech at his wedding and to enjoy the day - 11.7.2005

Hello Paola
It all went perfectly! the church bit was fine despite slightly shaky legs! To my surprise I really enjoyed it and managed not to wish it all away and took everything in, perfect!
The lead up to the speech was not quite as calm, but once on my feet and a few laughs from the audience I really got into it and it lasted 20 minutes, miracle!
Thank you for all your help. I would have been devastated if I hadn't enjoyed what was the most magical and important day of my and my wife's lives.

Yours Thankfully and the best of luck!


Elaine Gaven, West Wickham, Kent, who came to see me to stop blushing and to improve her OCD habit - 8.8.2005

I attended two hypnotherapy sessions with Paola for severe blushing and an OCD I have had for around twenty years. I am delighted with the results and to my huge relief have not blushed once since the first session. The OCD is 90% better and is a result far above what I expected to achieve. I was not sure hypnotherapy could help my problems but I found the sessions with Paola hugely relaxing, enjoyable and productive. I found Paola an excellent therapist, an individual I could confide in and trust with issues I never previously discussed with anyone.
Thank you


John Wootton, Bromley, Kent, who came to see me to relieve the pain from Trigeminal Neuralgia - 2.9.2005

I went to see Paola after several years of "on and off" pain from Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN). I was finding that the side effects of the medication that I was being prescribed were too disruptive to my everyday life so I decided to look in to alternative treatments.

In the first session I was able to see the first benefits with using EFT taught by Paola. I was quickly able to manage the pain. I then also decided to try Acupuncture (TS Clinic in Bromley - Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture) and along with EFT and the self-hypnosis tape provided by Paola. I found the pain reduced dramatically to what is now barely any pain at all, and best of all - without any kind of medication!!!

I would recommend that anyone who has TN consider using Arnica gel as well for immediate pain relief. I have also cut caffeine out of my diet and have completely given up smoking as well and I think that these really have helped. I found probably the biggest thing about getting rid of the TN is relaxation and in particular not gritting your teeth (consciously being aware of this makes a massive difference). Paola’s tape helped a great deal here.

TN is a very vague area in terms of medicine with regards to how best to get rid of it. Some treatments work better for some people than for others and I'm glad I've found something that works without having to deal with the side effects of the usual prescriptive drugs.


Tommy Carroll, Business Continuity Consultant, Longfield, Kent, who came to see me to have more confidence with public speaking and giving presentations- 14.03.2006
I got very nervous standing up in front of a large group of people presenting a proposal. When asked by my Company to present a training course on Business Continuity I knew I would have issues. I contacted Paola for help and completed a few one to one sessions of hypnotherapy with Paola. I felt an immediate improvement in my confidence levels.
On a recent business trip to Pakistan I presented two training courses to 60 people, did a press conference and my first live TV interview. They all went very well, thanks to Paola. Anybody who suffers from nervousness and anxiety will find her hypnotherapy techniques very beneficial. I did!


Angela Kendall, SE 26, came to see me as she was very nervous about giving a presentation for her final exams in event management – June 2009
Angela sent me this email after the presentation 19.6.2009

Hi Paola
I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU! Your 2 sessions helped me to be calm and positive and even a bit excited about doing the presentation. I managed to control my nerves with the 3-step breathing and tapping and remembered all of my words without wobbling!

After my 2nd session with you people noticed a change in me, and my attitude to presenting, and I had no worries about it.

We presented well as a group and the examiners told us we were fantastic and that no other group has ever scored higher on the course and that we have received the maximum grade available!

Just the exam next week and I will be sure to carry on using what I have learnt to keep calm and focused.

Once again, thanks very much.
Love Angela


Brenda Hunt, Welling, Kent, who came to see me to improve her confidence in social situations - 03.07.2006

Dear Paola,
Hello, hope you are well. I thought it would be nice to give you an update, by email, and a BIG thank you. I am doing very well. So far I have attended my daughters Laura's 18th Party and also only last weekend played a major part in my sister's 25th Anniversary Party followed by a family christening the very next day. All of these 6 months ago would have totally terrified me. I have also received many comments from family members saying how different I appear to be, more confident, more talkative (probably not a good thing), also a bigger surprise to me, I was told by Tony (my husband) that I stand up for myself a lot more therefore not being taken so much for granted. All this is thanks to your help.
Kind regards
Brenda Hunt.


Claire Stone, Warlingham, Surrey, who came to see me as she had a phobia of being sick - 31.7.2006

I came to Paola as I suffered from very regular panic attacks linked with a phobia of being sick. I had, some years previously, visited a homeopath, who had managed to completely cure the panic attacks. But they started to come back and even after revisiting the homeopath, there was no improvement and I was starting to lose hope. However I decided to visit Paola, and 7 weeks after my last session, although my panic attacks have not yet completely gone away, I feel like every day I make more progress and they have substantially reduced. The panic attacks I do have are less intense, and I feel I can cope with them much more successfully. Paola made me feel instantly at ease and was very understanding, I would recommend anyone with a similar problem to visit Paola as she has helped me hugely. Thank you Paola!


Marilyn Bailey, Worcester Park, Surrey, who came to see me as she had a fear of water and wanted to learn to swim, and she also had a fear of traveling in coaches - 13.9.2006

Hi Paola,
just a note to you regarding my coach trip yesterday. It was really good and I can't tell you how pleased I was with myself, and still catch myself smiling now and again. The 2 nights before I had a banging headache and felt quite sick. I was also very snappy with my daughter and she asked me what was wrong and I said its nothing. She said it's that coach trip and that I should back out of it if it makes me feel so ill. I said no, I have got to do this.

I did have a couple of scary moments but after I did my "trigger phrase" and breathing exercises I was O.K. (These trigger the hypnotic programmes) When I think of how much time I have wasted, the coaches are so different now.

I will definitely be going on a coach again.

Went swimming today after not going for about 3 weeks and I thought I was going to go back to the way I was and be frightened but I managed to swim down to the deep end quite a few times unaided, (along the side), still not able to go out in the middle, still time will tell.
Will keep you informed.
Regards and thank you

Tina Suttle-Smith, Purley, Surrey, who came to see me with IBS and anxiety about travelling - 8.12.2006

I had 3 sessions with Paola to help me overcome the restrictions that my occasional irritable bowel had previously given me with travelling abroad.
As a keen traveller, I had been finding that I was getting more and more panic attacks when I knew I could be away from bathroom facilities for some time.
Paola's sessions were quite different but always left me feeling extremely positive and coupled with listening to the CDs that she had prepared for me, I felt prepared and excited for a holiday to South America.
The holiday went without a hitch and whilst I had 2 small wobbles, the exercises that Paola had taught me, got rid of them in a matter of minutes.
I am so proud of myself and how I took control of my body. I was amazed at how much food I ate whilst away as I seemed not to worry about whether I would be eating something that would upset my stomach.
The holiday was a great success and has left me feeling brilliant and much more positive about myself.
Thank you.

Emma Cook (aged 8), Whyteleafe, Surrey, who had digestive problems - 2001

Testimonial from Emma’s mother 10.03.2007

I took my daughter to see Paola at the age of eight. At the time she had a history of digestive problems, which had resulted in her developing a fear of using toilets that were not completely private. This had obvious consequences in terms of school trips, camping holidays, etc.

I had been hypnotised in the past and knew the benefits so contacted Paola to discuss the possibility of Emma being hypnotised. At the time I had no idea whether children could be hypnotised, but felt confident that Paola would give me an honest opinion. Paola saw no problem in hypnotising a child of Emma's age, and we arranged an appointment.

On the day of the appointment Emma arrived feeling rather sick, as she was also prone to travel sickness. Paola talked to Emma for a while establishing her fears and also talking to her about her various interests. At the time, like many children of her age she had a keen interest in Harry Potter and had read all the books (one of them four times!!) Paola used this information to take Emma into hypnosis and whilst in hypnosis talked to her about her fear of toilets, the issue of travel sickness and her general levels of confidence.

The benefits were immediate, I recall walking down West Wickham high street with Emma in a lovely mood, very calm but at the same time very confident. She thanked me for taking her to Paola, which was very touching.

In the longer term, Emma was able to go on a four day school trip the following year and has since been camping and on numerous other trips, without any concern about toilets and the added bonus of no travel sickness!
Helen Cook.

S P (aged 16), South London who has digetive problems - 2007

Testimonial from Sam’s Mother, 11.3.2007

My sixteen year old son had suffered from IBS intermittently since the age of ten, but it became a real problem at the beginning of 2007, when he became extremely anxious about his GCSE exams. The fear of being ill at school, combined with worry about under performing in the exams, resulted in a severe school phobia. He suffered frightening panic attacks each time he tried to go to school, and eventually became unable to attend at all. He continued to study at home, but leaving the house for any reason became increasingly difficult.

Paola talked the issues through with my son and me before beginning hypnosis. He very quickly relaxed and was able to describe his feelings and worries to her. After his first session, he was notably more confident, and able to use the breathing and EFT techniques that Paola had taught him to control his panic attacks. He listens to one of the CDs that Paola recorded for him each day, and continues to have regular sessions, enabling Paola to focus the hypnosis on the areas of greatest need at that time, and to set small manageable goals for him so that he has a sense of achievement and progress.

His IBS has gradually improved, occurring less frequently and with less severity over the course of his treatment. He has only had one, relatively minor attack in the last fortnight, which is a significant achievement, given that for the first two months of the year he was suffering on a daily basis.

Although he has not yet recovered sufficiently to return to school, he has become calmer and more positive about the future. In the last week he was able to take a GCSE exam at home, which he did with confidence and ease, and without being physically ill – a huge achievement, and something which he could not have envisaged being able to do prior to beginning treatment. He has found it much easier to focus on his revision, which has become more productive. He is also sleeping much better; he falls asleep very quickly and sleeps well throughout the night before waking refreshed. He needs significantly less sleep than before, and has lost the sense of permanent tiredness and lethargy that he had before starting hypnosis.

There is still a long way to go, but my son’s complete trust in Paola, and the evidence that he has of the positive effect of hypnosis on his mental state and physical wellbeing, gives him enormous hope. His goal is to return to school for his examinations, which he believes he will be able to do. As the IBS symptoms recede, this goal becomes more and more achievable.

Hypnosis has also helped me to cope with my son’s fears and to manage my own anxiety about both his condition, and that of my father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. My husband has commented on my new found calmness and positive approach, which is entirely due to Paola and her techniques! I had become quite overwhelmed and felt increasingly unable to suppress my own anxiety and support my son effectively. I listen to one of the CDs Paola has made for me every day, and although there have been a couple of minor blips I now feel in control again and confident about life in general and my son’s outlook in particular. I have also suffered from far fewer migraines since beginning treatment, and have had more energy.

I am immensely grateful to Paola for the enormous difference she has made to my son, to me, and to our family as a whole. It was such a huge relief to find someone who could make my son feel supported and understood, and who could help him to regain his previously happy, full life.

Nancy, West Wickham, Kent, who came to see me to improve her overall well being - 3.4.2007

I had never considered that hypnosis would be so helpful. I went to see Paola because I wanted to improve how I see myself after previous turbulent relationships. I had problems coping with stress, lack of confidence, amongst many issues stemming from this. Now I feel more confident, and this enables me to deal with other issues more clearly. A couple of sessions and subsequent recordings, which I can listen to when I need the boost, and things are great, far better than ever before. I stand up for myself, and have a much more positive outlook on life. and all of this thanks to Paola, not just her hypnotherapy, but her calming and kind words, and her positive outlook. Thank you.

Jakki Berry, West Wickham, Kent, who came to see me to overcome a fear of heights in order to walk the Inca Trail in Peru - email received 7.8.2007

I have been meaning to contact you to let you know re holiday.
Well...... I listened to my CD every few days before we went and felt reasonably calm about the Inca Trail. I knew that once I got there it was the point of no return. Once we actually arrived at the Inca trail I did start to feel nervous, especially about camping on the side of the mountain. Anyway, day one was fine. A couple of shaky moments but we camped in a valley not near the edge. Day 2 was fine. Mainly walking in enclosed areas. Day 3 was the scary one and I walked up to a ruin which had a sheer drop on one side and realised that I was not going to be able to come back down unassisted. Anyway our guide Freddy took me by the hand and walked me down and all was well. There were some very big drops that afternoon but I managed to stay focused and to continue. I used walking sticks and that helped. I am glad you have been to Machu Picchu as you will understand how overwhelming it is. At that point I felt very scared of the big drops but my husband said he also felt quite strange.
Overall I think the hypnotherapy helped to give me the confidence to go and achieve the trail. I will now do more trekking and do not feel too put off by the heights. I still would say that I have a degree of fear, but maybe that is a healthy survival fear.
Best wishes

Holly Belton (15 years), West Wickham, Kent, who came to see me as she was unable to go out on her own to the shops or on a bus. This prevented Holly having fun with her friends and leading the 'normal' life of a teenager - 26.9.2007

Paola helped me with my confidence and so I am abe to go out with my friends now. Also while on work experience I was able to ask for a job as I had the confidence to do so and I now have a job after school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 4 - 6. I walk to and from work. I am happy with myself and happy that Paola helped me.
Thank you, the hypnotherapy really worked!

Paul Harden, Welling, Kent, who came with a severe needle phobia and needed to go to hospital to have a procedure to determine the source of back pain - 13.2.2008

I have had a severe needle phobia since the age of 9 and could not even look at someone having an injection or blood test on telly without feeling like I wanted to faint. Since going to Paola and having my hypnotherapy I am now calm enough and do not hyperventilate at the thought of having a needle inserted in me. I was able to have an injection in my hand during a hospital procedure recently without being knocked out by gas first – this was a major achievement for me!
My wife is amazed at the results of the hypnotherapy. and we can hopefully venture further a field now on holidays as I will be able to have an injection.

Lee Hollywood, Old Coulsdon, Surrey, who came to see me as he had a problem with nausea and wanted to improve his memory – 23.2.2008

Being a mid twenties male, in a happy relationship, keeping active and always having a smile on my face I suddenly developed an inability to go to work without feeling incredibly ill to the point of being physically sick. I was pretty sure I wasn't pregnant being a man, but the fear of sickness had started to control my life and after the doctors had found nothing with their endless blood tests, I decided to take matters into my own hands and seek further help. This is when I decided to try hypnotherapy with Paola.

After speaking to Paola, she quickly diagnosed that I was experiencing symptoms of a panic attack and that various stresses in my life (up coming professional exams, bereavements and hospital operations for close relatives) had built up and started to have a noticeable effect on my life. Paola got to the route of the problem with a personal one-to-one conversation and developed a personal hypnosis CD that I could listen to every day every day I came back from work. She also taught me a series of tapping points (EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique) to reduce nausea, which worked very well.

After listening to the CD a couple of times I could definitely feel a difference and began to feel increasingly better in the mornings. Soon I was getting on the train to work with little thought of the previous sickness I had been experiencing and it has totally changed my life for the better.

Being a convert to hypnotherapy we also decided to make a CD for my up and coming professional exams and this worked to great effect with my highest pass mark so far and that was despite studying for two exams rather than the previous one. I entered the exam hall more confident than I had ever previously been and I really believe that this had a big impact on my final result. The icing on the cake was the good luck card I received from Paola the week before my exam, which really helped to raise my confidence. I now approach my exams, and life in general, in a much more positive way and know how powerful the mind really is.
Many thanks Paola.

Zena Gardner, Hayes, Kent, who had been suffering from insomnia, sent me a letter - 23.3.2008

Dear Paola
Thank you so much for your help with my sleeping problems.

I was having such a bad time, waking up at 2.00am in the morning and not being able to get back to sleep. After about four months of this I was feeling dreadful. I had my first session with you and felt very hopeful that things would improve. Then you gave me a CD of relaxing music and you talking to me. Every night when I wake up I play it and go straight back to sleep, sometimes even before the CD is finished. There are nights now when I sleep all the way through. I no longer dread going to bed now, as I know I am going to sleep well and deeply. I also feel much better. I have more energy. My concentration is better and I feel happier.

I am so glad I came to see you.
Thank you
Zena Gardner

Note from Paola: Every client gets an individual, personalised CD as part of the treatment. This is made during the second session.

Sue from Kent, who was suffering from depression sent me an email - 8.4.2008

Hi Paola,
I have found the CD to be very relaxing and I'm sure it has helped me. I have found it difficult to listen to it every day, as a quiet hour is often impossible to find, so I listen to it when I can. Also I think the trigger words have helped. When my thoughts start, I say the words to myself and it seems to put my mind on another, more positive track. I didn't suffer with bad pmt last time, only slight and I haven't used the prescription drugs. So things are much improved since my visit, I'm so glad I came to see you.
Best wishes,

Victoria Willis, Orpington, Kent, who came to see me to help contol her IBS and to reduce her weight sent me an email - 11.6.2008

Hi Paola
I am doing really well and have lost nearly 1.5 stone and I'm feeling great. I treat myself occasionally, when out with friends so I don't deny myself and I think that's the way to go.

As for a third session, not sure if I do need one. I listen to my CD on my ipod when I feel I need a bit of empowering which seems to work. Will get back in touch if I fall off the wagon!

I also feel calmer and happier in myself along with not so much shouting at Sophie, my daughter!!

I will definitely refer you to any friends if they need help. Thank you so much for your help with me.

Lisa Barson, Kenley, Surrey, came to see me to improve her confidence and self esteem – 23.7.2008

I went to see Paola to try and improve my confidence, stress levels, weight loss and my general well being I seemed to be stuck in a rut after having my beautiful daughter who is now two. Unfortunately I had a hard time during birthing and then my daughter was poorly for nearly 18 months, which was a huge strain on us as a family. I needed some me time, time to relax, as I didn’t know how to, time to reflect and time to focus on me as a person I felt I had lost my identity along the way.

Paola is a very kind, thoughtful person whose expertise has and is still helping me focus on improving all these areas. The sessions not only focus on the here and now it also helps to heal other experiences you may have had in the past and you have not yet been able to let go. The trigger words, calming phrasing and positive attitude that Paola provides you with can be adapted to any situation to help improve your behaviour on a daily basis.

My main focus on life apart from my lovely family is to be well and happy in myself. I feel I can now be more positive about myself, not to put myself down and hide away but be proud of who I am and what I stand for in life. I do feel more positive, my stress levels have calmed down a little (hubby might disagree some days!) and my anxiety to be around people and confidence in myself has changed for the better.

Paola is a true motivator anything is possible. Thank you Paola.

Sally Plumb, Hayes, Kent, who had a fear of flying, wrote me an email 8.8.2008

Hi Paola
The flight was great. Had some pangs of anxiety the day before the outward flight but was great on the actual flight itself. In fact I really enjoyed it!

I got the old feelings of 'butterflies in my stomach' prior to the inward flight and thought my new found confidence wasn't going to work, but actually ...fine again. The flight was less comforting on the way back- lots of engine noise, older plane. We started our descent and supposedly ran out of landing time, so had to ascend very steeply again. My husband who is usually very calm got very nervous, as did a lot of the passengers. In fact there was a round of applause when we landed the second time.

I stayed very calm. In fact I immediately thought of what you had said on the CD, that everyone was trained to keep us safe. Felt very calm and just thought that any alternative action would have ended in an accident or near miss.

So yes I am actually looking forward to make next flight...or at least I am not dreading it at all.
Thank You Thank you. I am going to keep on with the CD just to make sure I have reprogrammed my brain.
I'll probably be back to you and get all my little foibles ironed out.

Many thanks

Ann Walkling, Sevenoaks, Kent, came to see me to be more in control and to enjoy life - 24.2.09
Ann sent me an email
Dear Paola
I wanted to express my thanks to you for the hypnotherapy sessions I had. Albeit only two sessions but it has had a very positive effect on me and the way I use the knowledge I gained from these sessions with decision making. I know it helped me when I took my professional check test (for being a driving instructor) a few weeks ago, I also used rescue remedy as you suggested as a calming effect. I did pass my check test and passed at a very high grade so was very pleased with that.
Yours truly
Ann Walkling

Yan Hammond, was living in UK, and is now living in Prague, came to see me as he was suffering from stress related panic attacks and sometimes work related anxiety – June 2009

I contacted Yan in Prague and this is his email to me 24.8.2009

Hi Paola,
I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner.
I've been so busy! Life has really turned full circle for me.
After I moved to Prague I spent 3 weeks settling in and I love it! It still seems weird to think that I actually live there.
The life over there seems to suit me so far and I'm really enjoying it.
Then I got a call from London for some work. Which was great as the previous months had been a bit lean.
I arrived back in London at the end of July for about 10 days work. I'm still here now having done a full month with hardly any days off!
It has been crazy. A record month for me.
I'm tired but I have really enjoyed the work and the money will really help me out.
My mental state is much improved and I feel positive and happy.
So, I guess I have to thank you for your part in helping me? To be honest I haven't listened to the CD since our last session, mainly due to lack of time.
But the treatment seems to have worked wonders for me. Long may it last!

Maybe I'll see you in the future when I need a pick up.
I have mentioned you to 2 friends so maybe you'll get a call.
Thanks for contacting me.
I'll keep you posted.

Jonathan – 12 years old, Surrey – 5.11.2009
An email sent to me by his mother
Jonathan is a changed child.
After two hypnotherapy sessions a child who had become lacking in confidence and nervous about; going to school, going out with friends, traveling to school matches and full of self doubt, has reverted to his usual personality. The most powerful thing about this is that he took control of his life.

After only two hypnotherapy sessions, he challenged himself in the areas that he knew he needed to and his success was his own. This was not something that his parents led or controlled, but we simply played a full supporting role. We listened to and shared his sense of achievement as he challenged his self-imposed boundaries, achieved his goals and consequently gained in confidence. Such a valuable lesson to learn at the age of 12 that he could take control and improve his own life.

His temper improved, he is a calmer person and parental attention is now split more evenly between both children. It’s certain that the need to provide so much emotional support for my son, detracted from the time available to spend with my daughter.

There are areas in life that he still finds a challenge, but that is part of growing up. He still loses his temper when he doesn’t reach his own high standards, but that’s part of being 12. He is still demanding at times, but he’s practicing to be a teenager. All in all life is back to normal and nobody promised life would be easy.

Thanks Paola

Hugh Atkinson, Shirley, Surrey, came to see me to learn how to cope with stress and anxiety, and to grow his fingernails - 25.3.2010

I have had a long standing problem to do with biting my nails. Indeed I can never remember an occasion on which I actually cut my finger nails. I must have been born biting them since birth! However, after just 2 hypnotherapy sessions with Paola, that all changed.
I have not bitten my nails for 6 weeks. Indeed I have even bought one of those little kits so that I can trim and file my nails. I still do sometimes inadvertently  put my nails  to my mouth but a little voice in my head tells me to stop!
Without Paola, I would still be munching away.

Pam Fox – Purley, Surrey, who came to see me to overcome anxiety, panic feelings, lower her blood pressure and to have better quality sleep and thus reduce the medication she was taking – April 2010
Pam sent me this email 2.5.2010

Dear Paola,
I want to thank you so much for the help you have given me in getting myself back to 'normal'!

I was having very severe anxiety problems, caused mainly by problems with some of my medication not agreeing with me, and some health issues. My doctor was not really much help and my blood pressure was going sky-high, something I had not had a problem with previously. The panic attacks were almost constant, sleep was very difficult and disturbed and I was at my wits end and needed help, I was so exhausted.

I was not sure what to expect, but Paola was instantly very reassuring and told me that together we could work towards getting my life back on track and bringing down my blood pressure without the need of more medication. I had three sessions in all and found each one more relaxing than the last. I have two CD's that I listen to regularly and various 'triggers' that I have to tell myself to calm me. I am so pleased to say that I am now back to my old self and feel so much more in control. The panic attacks have virtually ceased and I feel so much stronger and confident. The best news of all was that when I last went to my doctors my blood pressure had come down so much it was even lower than average. I was so pleased! I am still weaning myself off of some medication, which has some unpleasant side effects but feel so much more capable of dealing with it.

I am so grateful to Paola and so pleased that I found her. She is very modest and said that she just gave me the tools and I did the rest. Well, that may be so but I couldn't have done it without her. Thank you Paola. xx

Yours sincerely,
Pam Fox.

NOTE FROM PAOLA I record the second and third hypnotic sessions in situ so each client has their very own personal Self Hypnosis CD. In this way the client can continue to work at home at using their Inner Power to make the improvements in their lives that they desire.

L J, South London, who came to see me for a needle phobia in 2009 and wrote me this testimonial 7.7.2010

I went to Paola because I’d been getting increasingly terrified of needles and it had got to the point where I had passed out and been sick just being in the same room as my sister, who was having blood taken. I was having trouble with IBS-type symptoms and my doctor had recommended I go for a blood test. When I couldn't sleep thinking about the test I decided to try hypnotherapy. Paola was recommended by two people I knew.

It was great talking to Paola and she asked me questions about all aspects of my lifestyle and eventually established that many of my problems were down to anxiety. She then worked with me over three sessions and via a CD to teach me various methods of coping with anxiety. These included breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques.

Felling much more confident, I went back to the doctor to book in for the blood test. I explained that I’d delayed the test while I was having hypnotherapy and when I told him that I hadn’t had as many tummy problems in the past six months as I’d been having before he decided that I didn’t need to go for the test any more. This was great news and I’m sure the hypnotherapy had helped with my stomach problems.

Since then, I have had inoculations for a trip abroad. I did burst into tears the first time but concentrated hard on slowing down my breathing and all went well. When it came to my second injection I breezed in and out as if I was just going to buy a bar of chocolate – no tears, no fast breathing, no stress! I am very proud of myself and so very pleased that I went to Paola for hypnotherapy.

I am conscious that I had more of a problem with blood tests than injections and I’m sure it will be harder to go for a blood test whenever the time next comes but I am now confident that it won’t be that bad and that I can control all the horrible things that used to happen to my brain and stomach.

Thank you VERY much, Paola. I’m a new woman!

Francisca Bolweg, Beckenham, Kent, came to see me to help her find a new, more permanent, relationship wrote me this testimonial 27.9.2010

I went to see Paola about 4 months ago and can only praise her as everything I asked her to help me with has miraculously worked out. Much Thanks, Francisca

Liz Eatwell, Petts Wood, Kent, who came to see me three months before her wedding day as she was so anxious and wanted to enjoy the day –23.10.2010

Hi Paola
I just wanted to send you a quick email now that I’m back from honeymoon to say a massive thank you for helping me get through my wedding day.
Much to my surprise the day went without any issues and I smiled from the minute I woke up until I went to sleep – with a little wobble at my Dad’s speech, but so did every one else.
Thank you so much for helping me learn to calm myself down – hopefully I’ll get in touch in the near future asking for help with being pregnant.
Thanks again for all your help
Liz x

Elaine Miller, Downe, Kent, came to see me 2004 and again 2010 for a persistent cough - sent me an email 1.12.1010

The cough has stopped again and I am sleeping better too.  Wonderful.  I also seem to have much more energy.  I attribute all these miracles to your hypnotherapy and I am so grateful.

David Fowler, West Wickham, Kent, came to see me to have more confidence with both his music playing and singing in public - wrote me this testimonial 21.12.10

I came to Paola to see whether hypnotherapy would help my confidence as a musician. I found that playing and singing in public, I was often nervous and found it difficult to play things I could manage quite well on my own at home. After four hypnotherapy sessions I have much more confidence and not only have I improved as a musician, but I’m also much calmer in general.

S D, Surrey, came to see me for a problem with acne – March 2011

I contacted Paola in desperation. For 20 years I have suffered from Acne and have been unable to leave the spots alone. As a result they would get infected and I would frequently end up walking around with scabs all over my face. As a reasonably intelligent person I became extremely frustrated that I was unable to control this behaviour. Any type of stress or anxiety would make the problem even worse, so the stress of not being in control of my actions began to cause a downward spiral. Some days I could hardly stand to leave the house and would always be very self-conscious when speaking to people. Some nights I would be unable to sleep as the spots were so painful and I would also worry about the infected spots causing blood poisoning.

I booked 3 sessions with Paola, not very confident that 3 sessions would undo 20 years of destructive behaviour. I thought it would be very hard to explain the problem as I found it extremely embarrassing to talk about, but Paola was very patient, understanding and easy to talk to.

The results for me were amazing. After just one session there was a huge improvement. After 3 sessions I was able to completely leave my face alone and felt confident and in control. I have had the odd relapse but all I have to do is listen to my CD’s and I am back in control again.

I can’t thank you enough, Paola; you have hugely improved my quality of life and sense of well-being. If I have any other problems in the future I will know who to turn to!!

Debs Howell, West Wickham, Kent, who came to see me for a fear of flying – 22.02.2011
Debs sent me an email 24.6.2011

Hi Paola,
I have just come back from a trip to Spain and everything went extremely well. I do need to listen to my CD more often, however, at the lead up to the flight. The airport was all under control and I was really calm – all thanks to you. My silly mind still wants to play games with me and I start to imagine possible turbulence but I soon tell it I am in control and I put the thoughts to the back of my mind – and it does work.
Thank you so much for your help and if I do need to come and see you again I will drop you a line.
With all best wishes for now and in the future.