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Zoe Kacie-Malone, Orpington, Kent, came to see me as she was having irrational thoughts.
She sent me this testimonial 25.9.2011

Paola was recommended to me. I was hesitant at first to contact a Hypnotherapist as a couple of years ago I had seen a different Hypnotherapist and it didn't work out for me.

I can say from the first time I met with Paola I felt re-assured by her. It's strange but when you first meet people you can intuitively know if they have your best interests. I have had 4 sessions with Paola and they have all provided me with a new perspective on the issues that I have. One is flying and the other is over worrying for people that I love, namely my 4-year-old son. I can see more clearly now. I feel able to separate my irrational thoughts and re-focus my mind. Quite often I will use the cd's that Paola made for me (during our Hypnotherapy sessions) and this by itself will give me the energy to re-focus my thoughts.

I haven't tried the flying yet. I will do this next year I hope. For my flying phobia/fear I did a regression session with Paola and it was very clarifying. I feel ready to try flying again, I think!

I can highly recommend Paola, thank you for all your help!

S D, South London, came to see me as she wanted to alter her behaviour in certain situations.
She wrote me this testimonial 28.11.11

I had been struggling with a nervous reaction to certain situations and decided to try hypnotherapy. I contacted the Hypnotherapy Association and Paola was recommended. After three hypnotherapy sessions I truly learnt how to relax and gain more confidence. I regularly use the CD Paola created and feel a deep sense of peace and contentment afterwards. I would recommend trying hypnotherapy as so much of how we react to situations is governed by our subconscious which is really only trying to protect us after all. It needs to be gently told that things can be done differently in a safe and loving way. Paola helped me to make the changes I wanted with ease and I am feeling so much better about myself now too.

Michelle Haywood, Orpington, Kent, came to see me to reduce her weight. 
After two sessions she wrote me this testimonial 8.5.2012

I came to see Paola in late February about my weight and bullying I was experiencing at work.  I had tried every diet going and could write a book on them.  I would eat in between meals and my weakness or addiction was crisps.  Since coming to see Paola, I have not had any crisps or chocolate.  I don't even eat between meals.  If I do it's a piece of fruit and my family will confirm this.  They know what I'm like with food and to see me not eating the amounts I used to do and now eating off a smaller plate, they think it's a miracle!  I have also lost over 2 stone and this is the most I have EVER lost!
The situation at work is the same, but I am so much better in dealing with it and now I just laugh at what goes on. I have applied, and was successful, in getting another post and feel that this is my year!  I cannot stop talking about Paola and what she have done for me.  

Thank you so much for bringing back the old me, and everyone is saying I'm bubbly and have a sparkle in my eye again...thank you!

A client in Kent, came to see me to reduce their weight.
After two sessions the client sent me this email 10.6.2012

Thank you Paola
I am pleased to say that I am on a much healthier lifestyle.
My weight is slowly decreasing and overall I am very pleased with the results as I don't feel 'deprived' of any particular foods.

Oliver Rudd (14 years), Orpinton, Kent, who came to see me as he was unable to attend school, or go out anywhere, due to anxiety.
Oliver’s mother sent me this testimonial 21.6.2012

I brought my son to see Paola after being recommended to her as part of his treatment for anxiety. When we came my 14yr old son was suffering severe anxiety, this had manifested itself into him having panic attacks, which left him being unable to attend school or leave the house. My son was even nervous about coming to see a hypnotherapist...he needn't have been, Paola is a professional, caring person who had the ability to make my son feel calm and open up about how he was feeling. He had 2 sessions with Paola, he discussed how he wanted to feel and that was simply to be a normal 14year old!!, he wanted to attend school, go out with his friends, feel safe travelling on buses and not feel this overwhelming anxiety. For us Paola was the missing piece in the jigsaw and my son is now back at school, is out socialising with his friends and travelling on buses, he is so happy now and we can't thank Paola enough.

Lauren Sarioglu, Bromley, Kent, came to see me to boost her confidence and to improve her exam technique.
Lauren sent me an email 29.6.2012

Hi Paola,
Sorry I took so long to get back to you, I have been really busy as I have started an internship with a large accountancy firm up in London! I've been really well though thank you.  My exams went well too, I got a 2:1 so I am VERY happy as are my parents!! I felt so much more relaxed going into the exam halls than I ever have before, which is really encouraging and for the first time I am looking forward to my next year of university because I feel like now I know what I need to do to do really well!! 
Hope you're ok,

Osman Sarioglu, Bromley, Kent, who came to see me to help him deal with the effects of Tinnitus, which was badly affecting his sleep 3.7.2012

Note from Paola - Two sessions were sufficient to help Osman learn how to cope again and he was able to cancel his third appointment.  Session 2, I always make my clients their very own personal self-hypnosis CD.  Hypnosis can have amazingly quick results, hence this email to me.

Hello Paola,
We're recently back from our holiday in Scotland and I'm feeling much better. I'm not sure though if the tinnitus has subsided somewhat or if, largely through your efforts, I'm dealing with it better. I've been listening to the CD you prepared, daily at first, now occasionally and sleeping with no difficulties. I feel able to move on now with the help I've had so far.  Would it therefore be ok if I cancelled our appointment on the 7th please? I think that your help has been the main factor that got me on the path to dealing with this effectively, and can't thank you enough.
Thanks again and very best wishes

J W, Bromley, Kent, who came to see me to help her pass her OU exams
J W sent me this testimonial 9.8. 2012

I came to see Paola because I was feeling very anxious about the final piece of work I had to do for my degree with the Open University. Even just the sight of my pile of books and files gave me a panicky, sick feeling, and I was finding I couldn't concentrate on my studies.

I listened to the CD everyday, (Paola makes every one of her cleints a personal self-hypnosis CD), and the feelings of panic went away. I felt much more in control and calm, and could work efficiently. I am delighted to say that I passed that final module with a distinction, and achieved a first class honours degree.

Paola is a lovely, understanding, non-judgemental person, and I highly recommend her.

This person has been to see me several times over the last 5 years for help with various challenges
She sent me this testimonial
November 2012 and asked for it to be anonymous

I am writing to recommend Paola’s hypnotherapy services.  Like most of us I have experiences challenges in my life. I first met Paola to deal with a teenage trauma that I had battled with for many years. Having tried conventional therapies and treatments to overcome. Many had worked to a certain degree but the main debilitating issues were still present and meant I was unable to be completely free from past trauma. Paola was genuinely understanding and kind from the start.

When I had my first hypnotherapy session I found her to be insightful and very spiritual as well as professional. This lady knew her stuff!  I only needed two sessions of around an hour and a half each and the past traumor had diminished so much it felt like I was completely detached and whilst I knew it was still my past it felt like it had happened to someone else.

The next time I saw Paola was after I had left a bad marriage and was being treated for stage three breast cancer. I believe without Paola’s no nonsense approach to my health and mapping a way for my full recovery, I would not be here right now. She refused to focus on what my doctors were saying and showed me how to do very powerful visualizations. Along with hypnotherapy I have been cancer free for twenty - two months.

I would recommend the ‘wonderful Paola Bagnall as I call her to anybody. If you really want to get well, overcome obstacles, she works fast and permanently. As soon as I have seen her I feel better and I know my healing is imminent.

Thank you so much Paola and keep up the good work!

VM , Kent, came to see me as she was unhappy and had lost her confidence
She sent me this testimonial 9.4.2013

I had recently discovered that my husband had been having an affair with a work colleague. Shortly after this my mother passed away and I was left feeling very hurt, down and very alone.  I had lost my confidence in myself and this made my daily life a struggle.  I went to see Paola to help me get over the reoccurring negative thoughts about what had happened and to regain my confidence and self-worth.  Paola was amazing and I felt better after my first session.  I got my personalised CD after my second meeting and this helps me if I need a little pick me up from time to time.  I am so glad I went to see Paola and eternally grateful to her for helping me get my life back on track.  Thank you Paola.

Isabel Locheron, new Malden, Surrey asked me to make her father-in-law a hypnosis CD to help him with his cancer pains.  He and I just had a chat on the phone and I then made his CD.  March 2013. 
Isabel sent me this email 22nd April 2013

Hi Paola
Just wanted to let you know that Brian, my father in law is in love with his CD that you made him. He has found immense comfort in listening to it, and he does so many times a day. I only wished I had insisted much earlier in time that he gave hypnosis a go.
Anyway, that is that, he has been singing your praises and the nurse that looks after him said she'll be contacting you for a CD herself! 
Hope you are well and your family too
Love Isabel X 

Joseph Wright (6 years old), Westerham, Kent who came to see me as he was having night terrors and could not sleep.
Joseph’s mother sent me this testimonial 13.5.1203

My son Joseph who is 6 yrs old was having terrible nightmares, which were causing him immense stress.  I would have to sit with him until he fell asleep, then he would wake in the middle of the night in a terrible state.

I have seen Paola myself over the years so when Joseph was having these nightmares I called her and asked her advice and if she would see Joseph, which she did and the result is no more nightmares!

Paola is a warm, kind and sincere lady who Joseph immediately warmed to. She has the ability to put you at your ease and you immediately feel a sense of peace and trust in her and know she will help, which she has now done for me, and my son.
Thank you Paola

Ellie Kean (14 years old), Croydon, Surrey who came to see me as she just wanted to be ‘normal’ again and go out on her own to have fun at school and with her friends without being anxious all the time.
Ellie sent me this testimonial by email 23.6.2013

Hi Paola,
I went to see Paola when I was feeling very unhappy due to me being ill for quite some time; I had lost all my confidence and was feeling very low at the time. The first time I met with Paola she made me feel welcome and made me really believe she could help. By talking to Paola she instantly knew what was going on in my body and my head and told me how to really relax and make me feel a lot better within myself. The second session I had was even better then the first as Paola made me a disk that I could take away with me and listen to whenever I felt unhappy or anxious, without her help and support I really don't think I could have overcome all my worries and anxieties. Paola made me really believe in myself and I did start believing all because Paola believed in me. I can't thank her enough for all her support, what she taught me I will never forget.
Thank you Paola x

Charlotte McKay, Chistlehurst, Kent, came to see me as she was a compulsive shopper.
She sent me this email 10.9. 2013

Hi Paola
Thank you so much for today I have learnt more in my three sessions with you than I have in years of therapy. I know there is no magic wand but I have logical answers for myself that will really help me going forward.
The hypnotherapy has definitely helped with my over buying and is almost like a magic wand has been waved.  
I feel very positive and the guilt about being happy and lucky have gone.
Good luck in your retirement and be happy knowing you have helped so many people.
Love Charlotte x

Liz Allen, Swanley, Kent, worked with me by telephone to learn how to be calm and content.
She sent me this email 21.5.14

Hi Paola
Sorry it's taken so long to come back to you I have been really busy. I'm happy to say that I am much happier and that I have got the motivation together and have started the course that I wanted to do! Although I’m busy, I am realising when I am becoming too stressed and taking some time out, whether it is doing the CD or relaxation techniques. I also had six sessions of counseling which did help as well. I am very grateful for your advice and that you did the CD so quickly for me and I can definitely say that it helped me especially when I was at my lowest ebb. 
Wishing you all the best, Liz