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Self-Hypnosis Courses

I am no longer running workshops for Self-Hypnosis as I have partly retired.

However, if you are interested in learning Self-Hypnosis I can offer training via Skype on a one-to-one basis. 

Please call me on 020 8660 6022 for more information
or email me at


Course Structure - The Self-Hypnosis Training

No previous experience of hypnosis is necessary for you to take this course, although you have already experienced natural hypnosis many times.
I will post you a manual and a Self-Hypnosis CD and a link to an MP3 download.  Having read the manual, listened to the Relaxation visualisation MP3 and followed the instructions in the accompanying letter we will have a Skype session.

Skype session 1 – lasting for about 1½ hours, where I will teach you

  • Learning the structure of each self-hypnosis session
  • Accessing self-hypnosis
  • Being in control
  • Deepening the experience
  • Delivering suggestions
  • Nurturing your relationship with yourself
  • Exiting hypnosis fully and safely
  • The study and application of Progressive Language
  • Suggestion Writing


You will then practice your suggestion writing, emailing your programmes to me for corrections.

Skype session 2 – lasting for about 1½ hours, where I will

  • Go over Suggestion Writing
  • The RELAX programme
  • The 3 deeper breaths programme
  • Positive affirmations
  • How to install your programmes/suggestions


During the course you are given some advanced applications of self-hypnosis and shown how it can be used:

  • to distort ones experience of time and allow time on a long plane journey to feel as if it is much shorter, thus having no subsequent jet-lag
  • to be free of old fears and unwanted habits
  • to enhance confidence in more circumstances in your life

You are also shown how to use self-hypnosis in everyday life:

  • to stop a shaving cut from bleeding
  • removing pain
  • stop your eyes watering when chopping onions or
  • simply to calm yourself prior to an exam or interview

After the course you have full support from me. You can email me to check your progress and answer any questions you may have after the sessions.
You can now start listening to your Self-Hypnosis CD, which will reinforce the two Skype Training Sessions, making you more confident to use your Self-Hypnosis regularly.


The prime objective is to offer you the finest tuition, the most enjoyable experience and the very best value for money.
The inclusive cost of the course is  £250, which includes the complete course manual, the Self-Hypnosis CD and their postage, MP3 download, course handouts, two Skype sessions and full support after the course.

Testimonials about my Self-Hypnosis Teaching via Skype

Emilia, (Engineer), Perth, Australia, March 2014
I first learnt Paola’s methods indirectly through her hypnobirthing book, Birth Made Easy. I then had an incredible experience giving birth to my first; it was completely calm and drug-free, and I would describe my birth physically as my experiencing strong sensations rather than pain! So I contacted Paola and asked about her self-hypnosis course since I thought it would be an invaluable tool for other aspects of my life. Considering that I live in Australia, it would not have been practical to attend her classes in the UK. But I was certain that I wanted to learn from Paola instead of another teacher since her methods had proven to work fantastically for the birth of my baby. Paola suggested that I do the course via distance learning, using Skype, email and snail mail for the course manual. Having now completed the course, I am successfully using her methods for various personal goals. It is a very powerful tool.

I feel my completely natural childbirth empowered me to become a better mother, and using Paola’s tools for self-hypnosis, I am better equipped to deal with the challenges that life brings. I would encourage anyone to take the course. The distance and time difference was not an issue either; Paola was very prompt with all her emails. The level of detail that she gives is just right - in-depth enough that you learn it well, yet broad enough so that you are able to tailor it to your specific needs.

Thank you again, Paola. Your work is a great contribution to humanity! (I promise I’m not exaggerating)

Testimonials about the Self-Hypnosis Workshops (group sessions)

Elaine King, (Administration Manager), Colchester, Essex
Having attended Paola's course in November, I would certainly recommend it. Whether you have previous experience of hypnosis or not, the benefits are immense - you really can use the skills you acquire to enhance and improve your life in so many ways. I use my Self-Hypnosis and Relax technique daily and people have commented on how much more calm, relaxed and "in control" I now am.
A wonderful experience - thank you.

Liz Slater, (Biology Teacher), Reigate, Surrey
The Self-Hypnosis course has convinced me of the power I have within me and has taught me how to think in a more positive way and to consider how I programme my life. All thanks to a wonderful, supportive and excellent teacher.

Colin Rae, (Electronics Consultant), Wallington, Surrey
The Inner Power Self-hypnosis course helped to clear away old unwanted thought patterns that were doing me no good at all! Thank you for making my life a better place to live!!
How refreshing, when anxiety and stress, is now part of our daily lives.
Thank you very much for two days of battery recharging. I didn't realise that it was needed so much, until afterwards!
Many thanks for the Inner Power Self-Hypnosis course. My stress and tension seemed to go, from the moment we started.
Your Inner Power course Paola, was straightforward and easy to follow. Its teachings were based on logic and common sense. How refreshing, that it was mumbo-jumbo free.
Thanks again for the exciting and stimulating Inner Power course. I will certainly recommend it to my friends and colleagues, whatever their needs.

Maureen Jones, (IT Tutor), Croydon, Surrey
An excellent course, well paced and a great group atmosphere.

Helen Cook, (Nursery Teacher), Whyteleafe, Surrey
It was a fantastic weekend. I really did have one of the best weekends in many years. I was able to learn and retain such a lot about myself and the power of my mind, things I never would have believed. I will continue to practice all that you taught me and look forward to the homework.
I have also not laughed so much in a very long time and so enjoyed the company of everyone there. Thank you.

Isabel Locheron, (Account Manager), New Malden, Surrey
A great course. You leave feeling that you are definitely empowered to change the things in your life that you want to change (and so you do).

Isabel came back for a "refresher" weekend and said "The exercises at the end are really powerful and reinforce the belief that the mind is very powerful. Even as a returner I found the course refreshing and revitalising - like a power boost to the ability, of using self-hypnosis, and beliefs, in the power of the mind, I already had."

Brian Chaperlin, (Chartered Surveyor), West Wickham, Kent
I enjoyed being put into hypnosis and relaxing completely. The exercise was a very good way at showing that the self-hypnosis worked! A worthwhile way to spend a weekend!

A S, (Payroll Officer), Sanderstead, Surrey
I loved all the practical sessions, especially the zap (hypnosis) sessions. I have felt totally relaxed and I have enjoyed the new experience.
After returning for a FREE refresher course:
The entire course is great and even better the second time around. the exercises are great fun and real proof that self-hypnosis works.
I really enjoyed returning to the course and feel a lot more confident to go back and write more programmes and to practice my self-hypnosis.

S H, (Occupational Therapist), Maidstone, Kent
The entire course was a good learning experience and the exercises helped us believe what we are capable of.

Richard Saunders, Sanderstead, Surrey
The entire course was a life-changing experience. I feel my batteries have been recharged over this weekend. Thank you very much.

Sally Abbott, (Pensions Administrator), Bishops Stortford, Herts
I feel enlightened and positive to make my life better.

Tony Brand, (Student), Brighton, East Sussex
I really enjoyed the second day when we actually were able to take ourselves into hypnosis and prove our own abilities, by the exercises at the end of the course.

Paul Forde, (Financial Advisor), Finchley, London
I had a fantastic time. I had no real idea what to expect and it was a fantastic experience, something I would do again and definitely recommend to others.
Learning the "Relax Program" was amazing - I wasn't previously aware how easy it was to help myself relax and to sleep at night.

Lynne McAdam, (Opera Singer), Blackheath, London
I found the course really empowering and stimulating. I am now convinced that I have much more control over my body and my life, and I can make changes over weeks rather than years, if I choose to. I really enjoyed the moment when I realised I could take myself easily into self-hypnosis. I never realised it would be so quick, easy and powerful. Thank you Paola - you are an excellent, down-to-earth teacher who inspires us not with tricks or gimmicks but with practical, totally convincing, demonstrations and straight talking.

Lynne then sent me an email 9.2.06
Hi Paola
thanks for the course the other week - I really enjoyed it. Things have been really hectic here but I have managed to practice my self-hypnosis using my "I sing well" programme every day and also to do the Relax programme which has got to be one of the most useful things I have ever learnt! I find it really rejuvenating.
Thanks again

Lynne returned to the February 2007 course and says:
I really appreciate that you give us the opportunity to return and re-do the course - it is so helpful and inspiring to revisit it. I found the exercises very empowering.

Makiyo Barlow, (DTP Operator), Wallington, Surrey
Thank you very much for giving me one of the most interesting experiences of my life! I did enjoy the course ( January 2006) very much and I am very grateful to know you (you cannot imagine how much you helped me since I met you when I came to see you as a client in 2004).
I am practicing my SH every day and using the Relax programme as much as I can.

Makiyo keeps coming back! She returned May 2007 and says:
Keep doing what you do. By coming back I can update my knowledge and become more confident. I'd like to come back (this is my second time) again!!

Asaka Sakai, (Student, part time job - Japanese Bank), London N19
Thanks for everything, these wonderful experiences. I think I am able to cope with any difficulty from now. I am really happy with these experiences. Thanks.

Brenda Robertson, (Admin Clerk), South Croydon, Surrey -
a "Returner" for a refresher course

SH has proved very helpful for relaxation and coping with visits to the dentist.

Debo Majaro, (Security Officer), Forest Hill, London
I came as a sceptic, but after the last 4 hours on Sunday, I know definitely that there is a great deal of the mind that remains unknown to us.
Thank you for not only opening my eyes, my mind, but for sharing this incredible gift.
Life will never be the same for me.
Thanks Paola.

Teresa Yeomans, (Personal Assistant), Sutton, Surrey
Very enjoyable and fascinating 2 days. I am definitely going to start to apply hypnosis in my everyday life.

Jo Fox, (Accountant/Finance Driector), Godalming, Surrey
Thanks for an extremely valuable and enjoyable weekend. The course exceeded my expectations. The final exercises were the most enjoyable - simply because it proved that I had learnt an extremely valuable technique for personal development. I came with a view to learning how to use the mind to manage stress and have come away with an enormous sense of achievement and self-belief. Thanks again - what a wonderful gift - it's the most valuable thing I have invested in for as long as I can think.

Joe Boyle, (Office Worker), Purley, Surrey
I found the course very accomodating.

Kajann Prathapan, (Medical Student), Old Coulsdon, Surrey
Thank you very much for an amazing weekend!! I have definitely boosted my confidence in self-hypnosis and overall what I can do for myself. I have learnt that hypnosis does really work and realise how much of a great tool it is for so many things and now I can recommend it for my patients in the future. Thank you very much.

Parvez Awal, (Software Developer), Croydon, Surrey
A very informative course, opening the doors of the subconscious and allowing the practitioner to achieve amazing things.

Debbie Sanjivi, (Restaurateur), Coulsdon, Surrey
Debbie sent me an email:
Hi Paola,
Many thanks for the lovely re-energised week-end, I also thank you for the most powerful tool in my life.

Natasha Piris, (Advert sing Photographer), South Croydon, Surrey
Fantastic course - empowering, beautiful weekend! do it all over again for the sheer fun......

Richard Tapley, (Computer Engineer), Edenbridge, Kent
I felt the course was run at an excellent pace and was very enjoyable and was tremendous fun over the entire weekend. I enjoyed the practical part the most as it helped to dispel any doubts as to the power of self-hypnosis.

Ahmed El-Gamel, (Heart Surgeon), Beckenham, Kent
The exercises at the end confirmed my belief in Hypnosis.

Luciana Ispani, (solicitor), Tadworth, Surrey
I thought it was great and I hope I can use the hypnosis to get me safely to New Zealand (without having to rely on drugs from the doctor!) I was not sure how effective it would be, or that I would go into hypnosis but I was really pleased that a could and did. I didn't think the last exercise would work for me, but I was so pleased it did. I know hypnosis works as I could not do that without it!

If you want to know about the exercise you will have to come on the course! Paola

Masako Suzuki, (DTP (PC) Operator), London, N14
Before attending the course I had doubts in myself. I totally believe in mind power but I just couldn't believe in myself. But now I trust myself and am excited about what I CAN DO with hypnosis!! Thanks Paola

Sharon Rose, (Legal Document Production), chatham, Kent
I am hoping to practice what I have learned to enable me to report back to you that I have reduced my weight. I am looking forward to conjuring up some programmes to improve my life.

James Sheahan, (Video Games Consultant), Guildford, Surrey
Wasn't sure what the course would be like but thoroughly enjoyed it. I believed in the power of the mind before the course but was still a little cynical. However, the teaching and resultant proof, and confidence given, by the exercises, have really shown how effective hypnosis can be. Really liked the informal approach too.

Suzie Davis, (Immigration Test Coordinator), Guildford, Surrey
I was very appreciative and impressed by Paola's clear, concise, thorough and logical teaching style. She instills absolute confidence and is wonderfully patient ensuring everyone is perfectly clear and understanding of all the aspects of the course. A wonderful lady and a wonderful teacher.

Samantha De Bruyn, (Housewife and Mother), Sheerness, Kent
The course is very informative and easy to follow. It is designed to make one feel comfortable during the entire process and one is always in control.

Samanttha came back for a refresher.
I know now that I have learnt more and retained all the knowledge of successful hypnosis. I have the confidence and self esteem I needed and lacked. The RELAX programmes are beneficial especially during stressful days.
Samantha keeps coming back - As a returner yet again, I feel exhilarated at the end and it has made a difference in my life. It is good to see how other lives are touched by using hypnosis.
Samantha came back yet again.
Hypnosis is powerful and does work!
Thank you once again Paola. My life has turned more positively for everything that life has thrown at me. I have been able to cope better.

Teresa Harris, (Marketing Manager), South Croydon, Surrey
I never thought I would be able to stay in the room for the final exercise - but after taking myself through the self-hypnosis zap - I not only stayed, but watched fascinated. A real breakthrough for me with my phobia. Thank you Paola,

NOTE FROM Paola - to find out what the exercise is why not come on the course? It is a life changing experience.

Esra Birnbacher, (Accounts Assistant), Isleworth, Middlesex
Thank you very much for the experience to see the power of the mind.

Hannah McCulloch, (Childcare-student), Farnham, Surrey
The course made me realise that I am able to do whatever I want to and achieve anything. It made me a more positive person. More and more positive.

Frances Grearson, ( Teacher), Coventry
A weekend that offers amazing tools to use in everyday life - a must for 21st Century living!

Hammid Sharafi, (IT Analyst), Eastbourne
A professional and very well structured course.

Theresa Owens, ( Reiki Master and Teacher), Holsworthy, Devon
Excellent course, well paced and adapted to the needs of the group with plenty of time for questions and explanations.
Theresa sent me an email, 7th June 2008, after having used her Self-Hypnosis to good effect
I recently had to visit the dentist (a place that fills me with complete dread and fear!!) and before I went I did self-hypnosis and also reinforced it whilst I was in the waiting room - I went into the dentist had my check up done, a clean and polish and all with no shaking or tears, my husband is amazed and I wanted to share this with you as it was quite a major breakthrough for me.

Simon Stiggers, (Data Analyst), Croydon, Surrey
I appreciated learning self-hypnosis by achieving it with a variety of methods. I feel confident as we're not all the same but you're guaranteed to find a method to use successfully. The weekend was fun as well as fascinating.

Lee Walker, (Teacher), Beckenham, Kent
I am so surprised how easy the techniques are and I feel like anything is possible now! Thank you – you have changed my life.

Chris Attwood, (Retired), Purley, Surrey
Excellent course. Paola is a lovely woman and brilliant teacher. Thank you.

I went back for a second time on the course. I found it helped reinforce all the teachings of the first time. Result fantastic!! Thanks Paola

Ian Johnson, (ICT Officer), Purley, Surrey

Very enjoyable and interesting. Very glad I came.

Ani Tertzalian, ( Marketing Manager), London, SW4
This course is not just about self hypnosis but about re-orientating your thinking and behaviour through planning, consideration, language and focus on what you really want, helping to focus the mind. The hypnosis is then an excellent tool to execute your plans practically.

Lola Fayemi, (Personal Business Coach), Thornton Heath, Surrey

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I came in with the desire to let go more, and left with a powerful tool that will help me to easily make the changes in my life I’ve wanted to for a while. Paola is an excellent teacher with wonderful energy and I highly recommend everyone who wants more from life to take this course.

Lola came back for a refresher:-
This is the second time I have taken this course and I have picked up a lot of information I can take away and use to move forward powerfully in my life. I thoroughly recommend doing the course again as you get even greater clarity of the process and possibilities of self-hypnosis.

Elaine Clarke, (Head of IT), Purley, Surrey
Really enjoyable course and completely worthwhile.

Tim Hughes, (Retired), Whyteleafe, Surrey

This course exceeded all my expectations and was delivered in an outstanding manner.

Ken Huggins, (Hypnotherapist), Poole, Dorset
An excellent workshop, what a great way to spend a weekend. I particularly enjoyed the regular trance sessions, which powerfully embedded the learnings over the course of the workshop.

Debra Piris, Sanderstead, Surrey
I really enjoyed the course and you have to experience it to appreciate all the things you can achieve.

Narinder Rishiraj, (IT Support Analyst), Bradford, West Yorkshire

I really enjoyed the course, a wonderful hypnotist, good delivery and easy to understand. Definitely recommend it.

Jackie Perez, (Nutritionist), Caterham on the Hill, Surrey

I thought the course was excellent. Great teacher, very interesting and you learn such great skills to take away with you into the world.

Nikhil Lawry, (Sales Manager), Dartford, Kent

Excellent course dispelling the myths of hypnotherapy and making it usable for everyone, everyday.

Jaroslaw (Jarek) Rzepecki, (IT Programmer), Warwick
It was amazing! I really enjoyed it. Great life-changing experience.

Cherry Smith, (Homeopath), Purley Surrey

Had a great time and looking forward to changing my life.

Cauline Braithwaite, (Community Worker), London

Paola is an excellent teacher. She really knows her stuff and has a lot of enthusiasm. I liked the fact that there was a lot of practical work as well as talking.
Cauline also sent me an email
Thank you very much Paola for a brilliant course. Like probably everyone there I work really hard during the week and at the weekends I like to chill out and relax. Therefore I don't very often, these days, give that up for a whole weekend of study and deep concentration. However, I didn't regret doing so for a minute on your course, and that is a testament to you. You are an excellent teacher and an inspiration. On Friday night I hadn't gone to bed till three and I was a bit anxious that I'd be too tired and find it hard to keep awake but that wasn't the case at all. At no time did I feel tired or find what we did an effort. In fact it was very energising and I feel great. Thank you so much.
Best Wishes.

Pamela Murray, (Hearing Therapist NHS), London
Very enjoyable and interestign course. Thank you.
Pamela came back as a Returner October 2012 and said -
Clear, comprehensive, empowering course. Keen to put these techniques into practice – Many thanks

Emma Johnson, (Therapist), Coulsdon, Surrey
A wonderful weekend. Thank you Paola.
Emma came back as a Returner October 2012 and said -
As a returner it is a fantastic way to reinforce your belief (in hypnosis) and add to your skills - it’s fantastic.

5 Testimonials from a Self-Hypnosis Course for a group from the Association of Business Leaders

1.  Philip Dodd, Director, Suffolk
The course was very structured and well led to achieve rapid results. A good subject for business leaders wishing to improve performance – very enjoyable.

2.  Alistair O’Reilly, Unemployed Trainer Property Speculator, Suffolk
I believe that anyone who enjoys success in any walk of life uses self-hypnosis either consciously or unconsciously and it is a skill that should be taught to children and they should be encouraged to practice self-hypnosis throughout their life.  We need more help in later life or when we have greater challenges to overcome and you have a duty to yourself and others to do all you can to reach a wider audience.  Thank you very much for your help.  I look forward to re-energising myself to go on and do Greater things.  Thank you.

3.  Paul Mc Laughlin, Managing Director, Cambridge
A fascinating insight and introduction to hypnosis.  Comes highly recommended.

4.  Lucy Morrice, Business Consultant, Cambridge
A no-nonsense and sensible approach to self-hypnosis – great for anyone whose busy life, or scepticism, have prevented them trying it out before.

5.  Stephen Beales, CEO Consulting Engineering, Suffolk
I did not know a lot about hypnosis and was most impressed to hear first hand testimony from Paola on the beneficial impacts for the use of hypnotherapy and its potential use by us all.

Testimonials from my October 2012 workshop

Steve Walker, (IT consultant), Epsom, Surrey
Thank you for giving me such a wonderful tool. I have never experienced such deep relaxation and calm as during the final session, quite literally amazing how I was able to leave my body behind and feel completely open to positive suggestion.

Sarah Berke, (Teacher), Warlingham, Surrey
The ability to hypnotise myself has given me a tool which I can use in my professional and personal life.  Thank you Paola for an insightful, enjoyable and valuable weekend.
Sarah returned March 2013, see her comment below.

Katie Darwin, (Mum), West Wickham, Kent
This course has been a wonderful experience.  I am looking forward to creating some programmes to help me when baby arrives!

Angela Schroeder, (Reflexologist and Mum), Sevenoaks, Kent
I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve themselves in some way.  Paola gives you the tools to do just so! It is truly life-changing.

Testimonials from my March 2013 workshop

Sarah Berke, (Teacher), Warlingham, Surrey
I returned to the self-hypnosis course hoping to revisit and refresh some of the techniquesIi learnt first time round. I have not only been able to do this but also picked up some new techniques I had forgotten the first time round. All this for a bargain price of £50! Thank you so much Paola.
Please note that to return for the entire weekend does only cost you £50.

Mathoothe Mositi, (Nurse), Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
It is important to realise how strong the unconscious mind is and how influential it is in our every day life.

Ruth Benedict, (part time Library Assistant), Nottingham
Ruth sent me this email after the workshop
Thanks for all your emails!  photos and all.  First off I'd like to 'comment' that I believe you have the 'X factor' in self hypnosis teaching!  I really feel benefited by the w/e and also feel that you are the best teacher I could have chosen, so thank you for a great w/e Paola.

Testimonials from my last ever Self-Hypnosis Workshop October 2013

Angela Schroeder, (Reflexologist), Sevenoaks, Kent
Paola has the ability to instil a sense of calm and positivity in the areas ‘others cannot reach’!  Thank you for an amazing experience!

Emma Wood, (stay at home mum), Hayes, Bromley
The practical exercises are fantastic proof of the strength of all the skills you have learnt, totally energising and inspire you to write programmes for any situation.
The editing and vocabulary advice for programmes you write is reassuring and ensures you continue to use your knowledge and subconscious in such a wide range and continue to advance your programme writing. 

Duncan Burgess, (Project Manager), Lee SE12
Fantastic, I came with an open mind and intent to find out more about what my mind can do.  I was rewarded with the tools to help me access the power of my brain.  Thank you.

Raquel Correo Casado, (Nurse), Morden, Surrey
The course is very, very complete.  I didn’t expect the course to be so good.  I learnt many things.  I am impressed with Paola’s teaching skills.  It was entertaining, interesting and very clear.  Thank you.

Laura Collantes Espinosa, (Nurse), London, SW19
The course had been very interesting, as expected from Paola.  Now I’m sure I will improve as a person, in a very positive way.  Thank you.

Carole Burgess, (Retired), London SE12
Returning was very beneficial as each time I have become better at writing the programmes and understanding the process.

Pamela Cunniffe, (Retired), Caterham, Surrey
I enjoyed the whole course – everything was explained in a very clear and interesting way by Paola. The exercises at the end were great fun and reinforced the fact that “It works”!  Just as good the second time around!

Fiona Duffort, (Complementary Therapist), Esher, Surrey
Paola is a delightful, engaging teacher making the journey of learning the self-hypnosis technique a pleasure with time passing extremely quickly.

Christine Attwood, (Currency Trader), Purley, Surrey
Paola is a fantastic teacher and runs an excellent course as well as being brilliant at hypnotising people.  Thank you Paola!
PS Happy Retirement!
Sarah Berke, (Teacher), Warlingham, Surrey
Thank you so much Paola for a brilliant weekend. I felt the third time I attended the course really helped me embed what I had learnt previously and I go away with renewed enthusiasm, vigour and commitment to make sure I use self-hypnosis regularly in my life.  Thanks again.