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hypnobirthing and hypnobirth

Women are constantly bombarded with negative stories about childbirth – told that it is the most painful thing they will ever do in their lives – told all the gory details of births that had complications – told about all the medical intervention that could occur.  It is no wonder women get anxious and worried about it.  It is no wonder they are tense and unable to relax.  It is no wonder that the “pain” of childbirth becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy!

But it need not be like that.  Childbirth is a natural process – one that women’s bodies were designed for.  Hypnosis helps you to

Put things in their own perspective
relax, stay calm and in control.  In a calm, relaxed state your muscles and skin can stretch easily and naturally in a pain-free way
stay focused on the process that your body is going through and be in tune with what your body and your intuition is telling you
be healthy and sleep well
heal quickly and recover faster
be happy and have confidence in your abilities as a mother 

The hypnobirthing childbirth method is a philosophy and technique for achieving a satisfying, relaxing and stress free birth.
You learn how to call on your body's own natural epidural which can eliminate the need for medication.  This allows your body and your baby to work together in the most natural way possible.  Hypnobirthing mothers are totally aware and fully in control as they bring their babies into the world.  As a result of this, giving birth is an exciting and pleasurable experience.

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What mothers have said about Hypnobirthing

J.H., Croydon – first baby
It was regularly pointed out to me by my midwife and doctor that I stayed very calm and relaxed.  Also my positive attitude to the “naturalism” of the entire birth helped me a lot.  I did tear, but the healing was so quick using the hypnotherapy. I also found breastfeeding very easy and I had previously been worried about this.
T. D., Beckenham – first baby
It is difficult to say how I would have felt had I not had hypnotherapy, but I was certainly calm and relaxed and felt in “control”.  I am so happy that everything was natural.  I did not need anything other than gas and air and I did not need an episiotomy.
S. T., Bromley – second baby

My first birth was induced at 41 weeks and 4 days which led to more and more intervention, i.e. epidural and eventual C-section.  Had very negative feelings and some post natal depression after the birth.

However, with the hypnotherapy for the second birth I found that Paola’s serenity seemed to envelop me and it gave me the confidence to achieve anything, which I did as I had a totally natural birth.
S. L., Bromley – first baby

The pregnancy and birth tape were brilliant.  I was so calm and relaxed and only needed to use gas and air.  I had a totally natural birth and no intervention whatsoever.
J. Q-H., Kent – third baby

Wow - the hypnosis really worked!!  The baby was born in just under two hours and I noticed such a difference from the previous two births.  I had been very sceptical because I had not listened to the tape that much.  However, this birth was so much less painful and I was so very calm.  With the other births I had suffered sickness and the shakes throughout the birth and this did not happen at all with the third one.  Also I needed no pain relief whatsoever and I had no stitches which I had with the other two.

Giving birth this time was like taking a walk down to the shops.  It was a breeze and so easy, no trouble at all really.
N B-W., Kent – first baby

I was so calm and confident, deeply inside.  It was an overwhelming experience.  Actually it was fantastic.  I needed nothing, not even gas and air.  I was amazed at how energetic I felt after the birth.  In fact I feel on cloud nine!  The breastfeeding is fantastic and I love it.  I feel like an earth mother.

I had a feeling of serenity through the entire birth and my baby is very calm, too.

Jo Ebsworth, Bromley, Kent – first baby
Our baby finally arrived last week, thirteen days late. I think the hypnotherapy has really helped, especially with the “after the birth” issues.  My midwife isn’t sure what I am doing but a week after Callum’s birth my uterus can only just be felt above my pubic bone. Blood loss had been absolutely minimal (relief!) and I don’t know what all the fuss is about regarding breast-feeding. I am even managing to express milk very easily.
My eight-year-old god-daughter told me yesterday that I don’t even look as if I have had a baby! There will be some work to do to iron out the lumps and bumps but initial results are excellent.
Callum was born “clean”, just as you said, and is very laid back. He is only waking once in the night.
Labour was quick - 4 hours and 4 minutes from waters breaking to delivery!
Thanks for your help.
Emma Burgess, Bromley, Kent – first baby

I was two weeks overdue in the end and kept in very good health during that time - still going out for daytrips in the last week. Sleep was aided by not waking in the nights after I had listened to the tape.
Our trip to Guy’s hospital was very controlled on the night of Saturday 3rd August to be induced.  Things got going the next morning and serious contractions started at midday.   Hayley was born (7lb 3oz) at 5.00 pm, making a five-hour labour with a bit of a sprint finish at the second stage.  During the labour I only had gas and air and no stitches, all aided by yoga breathing.
I am glad to say that I have still not had any kind of epileptic fit and am still breast-feeding.  I also went into hospital without being panicky or scared, which I am sure would not have been the case without the sessions and tape.  Needless to say, this has made hypnotherapy a very positive experience that I would utilise again.
Sara Jeffery, Beckenham, Kent – second baby

Jennifer Faye Jeffery was born at home on Saturday 14th September at 10.33 am.  She weighed 9lb 4oz and measured 54 cm in length.  I had a totally natural birth and a very quick labour, the first stage lasting one and a half hours and the second only eight minutes!!  I achieved a totally natural birth.  I had to be induced with my first baby and her birth was assisted by ventoose. 

Hypnobirthing baby Rosie

Jennifer, first cuddle with big sister Rosie

K M, Beckenham, Kent – first baby

The back-ache I suffered throughout my early and mid-pregnancy all but disappeared on starting to listen to the first tape Paola made me.  I have had a problem with my coccyx for ten years which has caused me much pain.  Overall hypnotherapy gave me a calm and relaxed pregnancy and a calm and “controlled” labour.  Daniel also seems to be a pretty chilled-out and happy baby, too.
S T, Bromley – second baby

Paola’s own serenity seems to envelop you and give you the confidence to achieve anything.  This time I achieved a wonderfully natural childbirth.  My first birth was induced at 41 weeks and 4 days which led to more and more intervention, i.e. epidural and eventual C-section.  I had very negative feelings and some post-natal depression.  How different it all was this time!  I was calm, relaxed and always in control.  I feel, and am, very happy now.  Thank you so much.
Fabiola Mestriner, New Eltham, SE9 – first baby

Hypnotherapy made my childbirth experience a very positive one.  The healing and recovery are fast and painless.  The breastfeeding is going really well.  My child is a very contented baby.  I cannot thank you enough for the tapes and your advice.  I feel great.
C B, Penge, SE20 – first baby
I had a wonderful water-birth which was an awesome experience.  I did nothing consciously except breathe.  Listening to the tapes made me so well prepared.  The work you are doing is wonderful.

Debbie Walker, Bromley – second baby – 1.10.2003
From the first feelings of discomfort to the birth of my first child took approximately 48 hours.  After about 30 hours I opted for an epidural.  My waters were broken by the doctor.  The second stage lasted about 20 minutes.  I had an episiotomy and stitches.  I needed a catheter because of the epidural.  Although I didn’t have negative feelings about the experience, I wanted things to happen more quickly next time and with less intervention.
So I went to see Paola and tried to listen to the hypnotherapy cassette tape, which she made especially for me, daily.  The birth of my second child was a completely different experience.  The first indication that I was in labour was that my waters broke at about 10.30pm on a Tuesday evening.  I began to feel mild discomfort at 11.00pm.  Throughout that night I used the hypnotherapy to help me cope with the pain.  I was able to remain upright and active all night and I didn’t feel the need for assistance until about 4.40am, when I woke my husband.  At 5.30am I went to hospital, leaving my husband to care for our first child.  I arrived at 5.40am and our daughter was born at 5.55am.
Our second child was born without my needing any pain relief.  I did not need an episiotomy or stitches and the whole thing happened far more quickly.
I have recovered very quickly and have far more energy than I recall after the birth of my son.  My figure is returning more quickly, too, and I was wearing my normal clothes two weeks after the birth.  The whole experience was positive and I feel fantastic.

Katy Burns, Bromley – First Baby – 6.10.2003
I used my hypnotherapy tapes four to five times a week throughout my pregnancy.  I loved listening to them and always woke refreshed, relaxed and re-energised.  In fact, if I felt tired or run down it was often after a two day gap where I had been too busy to listen to my tape.
Oliver arrived two and a half weeks early so I had not had much time to listen to the final tape.  However, I was relaxed and unafraid and had a quick labour (three and a half hours) with no complications, using only the TENS machine with gas and air as pain relief.  I truly believe that hypnotherapy helped me to achieve this wonderfully natural birth.
My biggest fear had been a long labour due to slow dilation of the cervix, but my body opened quickly and easily as suggested on my tapes.
I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone!!

Jan Austin, Sydenham – second baby - 2.11.2003
I had my first baby three and a half years ago after inducement of labour for post dates.  I was very traumatised by the birth of Oscar as I wanted a natural home birth and had just about every intervention possible. I felt completely out of control throughout the whole experience.  My first baby was a caesarean birth.
As a result of this, I was very anxious about my ability to have a home birth with very little intervention, and this was compounded by a number of health professionals who were very keen to point out all the things that could possibly go wrong.
Hypnosis helped me to believe in myself and my body’s ability to do what it was designed to do: i.e. to give birth vaginally without any intervention at home.  I went into labour at around 5.00 in the morning and by the time the midwives arrived at about 9.00 I was fully dilated.  At 11.00 I was ready to start pushing and Joss was born at 12.08, weighing in at 6lbs 13oz.  Thank you for the help you gave me Paola, in achieving my goal of a natural home birth.

Isabel Locheron, New Malden, Surrey – first baby – 26.11.2003
Listening to the tape meant I had a wonderful pregnancy which I really enjoyed as I was so relaxed. Any one who had known me before my hypnotherapy could not believe how calm and positive I was all the way through the pregnancy.   The thought of giving birth used to make me panic, after the hypnotherapy it just did not scare me anymore.
Unfortunately I was unable to have a natural birth as Amelie just did not want to come out.  So I had to have an emergency caesarean and I was able to use my hypnosis to remain positive and calm throughout the entire birth procedure.  I will certainly use hypnosis for my next baby and I would really recommend it to everyone having a baby.

Katherine Walker, Bromley, Kent – second baby – a vaginal birth after a caesarean – 2.6.2004
This pregnancy had the potential to be very anxiety inducing due to my previous history.  Adam was born eleven weeks early due to severe pre-eclampsia, and he was in special care for six weeks as he was only 2lb 6 oz at birth. 
The tape Paola made me gave me a positive outlook on this pregnancy, and kept me cool and calm.  In fact, I enjoyed the pregnancy much more than I expected.  I seemed to fall into hypnosis easily and always felt re-energised after listening to the tape. 
The tape for the birth gave me some really useful visualisations to use during the birth.  I got my husband to remind me, with each contraction, of my special place which was scuba diving.  I imagined a bubble at the bottom of the sea from my breath while diving, which floated upwards getting bigger and bigger which I linked with my cervix, and my body, opening up easily and effortlessly.  This fitted in quite nicely with the entonox (gas and air) as I kept imagining I was actually diving and breathing underwater, watching the bubble enlarging.
I had a short transition stage and during this time I found the affirmation “I CAN DO THIS” very useful and this helped me stay focussed.
All the visualisations gave me distraction from the contractions as I was able to dissociate from them.  I was therefore able to remain focussed and in control at all times.  It was an amazing experience.
My baby Rachel, 7lb 12oz, is very calm and was born just one day late.  I am convinced that her calmness is, in part, as a result of my attitude due to listening to the tapes.
I am so delighted to have achieved my VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean).
Thank you so very much.

Hypnobirthing baby Rachel

Adam and baby Rachel

Lisa Raja, Croydon, Surrey - first baby born 18.9.2004
Hello Paola
I gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Saturday 18th September at 6.02pm after about 14 hours of labour. We are doing well and trying to learn how to feed.
Beatrice Elizabeth weighed 6lbs 5 oz and was 52cm.

Here is my account of the labour:
My planned homebirth started when I awoke that morning at 4.30am with mild contractions/period type pains. Unfortunately the first part was very slow and not much was happening. However by about midday things really picked up and I requested gas & air. After a few teething problems with the pool (we hadn't considered cleaning it and it had to be emptied, cleaned and refilled. We didn't have the right type of thermometer and the midwife wasn't sure if it was deep enough to give birth in) I finally got in about 3pm and it felt lovely. I was soon clinging to the side of the pool on my knees and taking the gas and air. My legs slipped around quite a lot so I wasn't sure if it was the right place to give birth anyway. By 5pm the mid wife wanted to check how dilated I was so I got out. It was fantastic to find that I had dilated from 3cm to 8cm in just 2 hours. I then found that I felt more comfortable having my contractions standing against Neil whilst he repeated the trigger hypnobirthing words. All the while I continued with my yoga breathing and found I didn't want to use the gas and air any more. Within half an hour I was ready to push and did so kneeling on the sofa. Once her head was out she flew out like a slippery fish! I did not tear at all.
Thank you again for the hypnobirthing sessions they turned out to be invaluble
Lisa & Neil

Happy hypnobirthing mother Hypnobirthing baby Beatrice

Lisa and Beatrice

Elaine Downes, Beckenham, Kent – third baby born 25.11.2004
I had my beautiful daughter on Thursday 25th November at 4.50pm. I went into the hospital on Thursday morning to be induced and as I was having one contraction an hour for the past few hours they decided not to induce me and broke my waters instead at 2.30pm. I had Ellie 2 hours 20 minutes later. I then delivered the placenta, which took another 4 minutes. I started breastfeeding straight away.

I had epidurals with both my boys. Matthew needed the ventouse to be born and his birth took 10 hours. Sam’s birth took even longer. I have to say the birth is more painful without the epidural but definitely worth it – your body tells you everything to do. I didn't have to push like I did with an epidural; my body just seemed to do it. It was so much easier. My first labour I was pushing for about two hours and my second one for about an hour and it was such hard work.

The hypnobirthing with Paola was fantastic. I believe it really helped me to remain totally calm and relaxed. Even the thought of being induced didn't bother me. Everything she said on the tape happened and I have had the most wonderful birthing experience. I only wish I had had it for my previous two births which both left me feeling ‘never again’. The next day after coming out of hospital I was in normal size clothing and a week later I have just a small round tummy
Thanks for everything Paola - the hypnobirthing obviously worked wonders.

Georgina Veevers, Alfriston, E. Sussex - first baby born 13.01.2005
Having been up all night with contractions, playing with the tens machine and our hypnosis triggers, we discovered upon arrival at the hospital that our little girl was sitting upright like a buddha in the breech position and needed to be delivered by caesarian. We were then able to create a beautiful birth given the new situation. We were calm and enjoyed the experience throughout, and the whole surgery was singing and dancing by the end of the procedure. It was a real celebration.
This would never have happened without hypnosis.

beautifully calm hypnobirthing baby MillaPeaceful baby Milla born using hypnobirthing

Milla Sophia - newly born and 10 days old

Calm hypnobirthing mother and baby

Goergina and Milla

Fiona Denny, Beckenham, Kent - second baby – 4.4.2005
My first birth was fairly traumatic for both my daughter and I. After 23 hours labour, an epidural, 3 failed ventouse attempts she was finally delivered with forceps. Her face was so badly cut we were told that she had a hair lip and we needed to consider plastic surgery. Needless to say I became increasingly nervous as the birth of my son approached.

Alex James was delivered after 4 hours of contractions with only a little gas and air. It was magnificent, the birth itself was so calm and such a positive experience, even the midwife commented at how relaxed it was. I was up showering an hour and a half after giving birth, it took me days to do that after my first birth! I feel like I was given a second chance at experiencing what birth should be!

I can't recommend hypnobirthing highly enough.
Once again thank you very much.

contented hypnobirthing baby Alex

Alex sucking his thumb at one hour old
and at two days old

Hyponbirthing baby Alex

Katie Steele, Beckenham, Kent – second baby – 12.4.2005
I gave birth to Oliver at 6.26pm on his due date of 12th April, at home as planned. All was fine during labour. I thought I was having strong braxton hicks at around 10am and continued as normal - typing my partners invoices - until 3pm when I put on my TENS and called the midwife. She arrived at around 4pm and I was 5-6cms apparently.

My waters didn't break until 11 minutes before Oliver was born, which was a surprise as I was expecting it to happen a little earlier. My second stage lasted all of 2 minutes, which was lovely. I had been lucky with Elliot (my first little boy) as second stage was 10 minutes and I didn't think I would be as lucky again. Although this stage this time was a little more painful as Oliver weighed in at 8lbs 3ozs and Elliot had only been 6lbs 6ozs. I didn't tear at all so that was fab. Perineal massage is really good as it worked both times.

He is a much more settled baby than Elliot was - maybe that is home-birth or perhaps just being a second child.

Focusing on my breathing, colour and thinking of the beach really helped during the last 2 hours when I felt I needed to be focused on something other than contractions. (I was told I must have a high pain threshold as didn't seem to be bothered by labour!)

Thank you for your help, I really enjoyed the experience and benefit of hypnobirthing.
Katie x

Charlotte Cochrane, Bromley, Kent - first baby 8.4.2005
The techniques I learnt through Inner Power Hypnobirthing helped prepare me for childbirth and manage to deal with a long and complicated labour.They helped me to remain calm, focused and positive throughout. I felt in control and found the experience exciting and enjoyable. It was amazing!

S S, Orpington, Kent - second baby 19.3.2005
With her first baby Sunita's cervix did not dilate more than 3cm and so she needed a caesarian. She had a long birth and got haemostasis and infections after the birth.
Unfortunately, Sunita did need a caesarian this time too as it was discovered that her pelvis is too small for a vaginal birth. However, Sunita wrote to me saying:

"The hypnosis helped me a great deal as I slept a lot better when I listened to the tape every day. The hypnosis helped me also by giving me the confidence that it would go better this time and it helped me to cope better and I certainly did. I had minimal problems after the second caesarian and I have healed up well. Attached is a photo of Sashank, who is gorgeous and an absolute joy and very easy to look after.
Thank you very much for all your help. S S"

contented hypnobirthing baby Sashank

Sashank at two months old

Email from J R, Bromley, Kent – 1st baby – 29.01 2006
Dear Paola,
I've just found this message, which I wrote ages ago and thought I had sent. Whoops! I'm so sorry for the massive delay!

I'm in the early stages of pregnancy again and feel very confident about the birth this time, so thank you.
I had two hypnobirthing sessions with you as I was quite anxious about giving birth. I want to thank you so much for all your support in helping me access my inner strength and to successfully give birth calmly and in a completely relaxed state.

I was having contractions for 46 hours in total and was able to remain in control throughout. I arrived at the hospital 10 hours before Thomas was born and was seen to by two midwives, both of whom said that they had never seen anyone so relaxed! I did not need any pain relief and with each contraction I was thinking of being calm, numb and relaxed. My partner Richard talked me through the visualisations, but I mainly relied on the yoga breathing and remembering phrases from your tape.

Thomas was having trouble emerging, so I was prepared for an emergency caesarian. The midwife later admitted that it was the closest she has ever come to crying with one of her ladies as she was so upset that I'd come so far on my own! On entering the theatre, two of the hospital staff actually thought I'd had an epidural as I was so relaxed and were getting ready to operate as if I had! We were all shouting "No!" but they could not believe it! They tried ventouse before any c-section and thank goodness it worked as Thomas was safely delivered on 9th August 2004. I did not feel any anxiety or pain.

Thomas is an extremely happy, contented and relaxed 8 month old. Thank you again for helping me to have such a wonderfully natural birth.
Best wishes,

Article in the NCT (National Childbirth Trust) Brood Sheet
Brockley and Crofton Park - January 2006

Going hypnotic over birth

It might not be the most conventional way of handling our anxieties over labour, but some mothers are turning to hypnotherapy to erase the traumas of their first birth experiences. Here, one mum describes why she opted to try hypnobirthing.

I gave birth to my first son Rhys in hospital. I had a 13-hour labour, an epidural and Rhys was born aided by a Ventouse. I had to stay in hospital three days because I could not establish breastfeeding. I wanted a more natural birth for my first child but I found the contractions hard to bear and I had a feeling of being very 'out of control' with what was happening to my body. I felt almost as though I was disconnected from what was happening to me. When pregnant with my second child I began worrying about the birth during the second trimester. I was concerned that I would not manage labour very well and end up with lots of medical interventions. I could only be offered the choice of a hospital or home birth and being overwhelmed by anxiety I chose to have a hospital birth.

My friend Janet had quite a traumatic birth when her first child, Oscar, was born following an inducement of labour and a Caesarean. Janet prepared for the birth of her second child by following a course of hypnobirthing with Paola Bagnall. Janet went on to have a planned home birth for Joss with no interventions. She said that the hypnosis helped her believe in the body's ability to give birth naturally. Janet is one of the most sensible and down-to-earth people I know, so I could never imagine her using anything that I thought at the time was hippy dippy nonsense, so, inspired by her experience, I decided to give hypnosis a whirl to help with my anxiety.

The hypnobirthing childbirth method as described by Paola Bagnall is a philosophy and technique for a satisfying and relaxing stress-free birth. Hypnosis is a state of heightened relaxation and altered awareness. I booked two sessions with Paola and she started the first session by asking me to describe what type of birth I would like. Paola never used the word pain to describe contractions, instead she taught me how to think about the contractions positively, as part of my body's natural mechanism, to help bring my baby into the world. She made a hypnotherapy cassette that I listened to every day while on maternity leave and before I picked Rhys up from Nursery.

I fell into hypnosis almost immediately when listening to the tape, only aware I was coming out of hypnosis when I heard Paola 'counting me out'. I found that the tape made me feel more relaxed and helped my sleep.

My second son Owen was three days overdue. I had a 'show' one afternoon while I was shopping for shoes in Covent Garden. I went into hospital at 7pm and by that time I was 3 cm dilated. I used the visualisation techniques to help me during the labour: I pictured my cervix as a water lily opening out. Sounds freaky now but it worked for me. I did feel a lot more involved in what was happening to me, and my partner Kevin also felt able to help me by focusing me on my lily! My second lovely boy was born four hours later. I had no intervention, no pain control although I did have some stitches. I established breastfeeding immediately and went home the next morning. Hypnobirthing helped me achieve the birth I wanted and I would thoroughly recommend this technique as it worked for me and enabled me to feel calm, relaxed and in control during labour.

Caz Brown, Brockley and Crofton Park

Tracey Bowman, Chelsfield, Kent - second baby - 15.04.2006
The birth of Patrick had not been the experience Tracey would have liked and she got very upset even talking about it. So I was thrilled that her second baby's birth was such a pleasurable experience. This is the email Tracey sent me.

Dear Paola,
I had a baby girl on Saturday 15th April at 2.06am. It was a wonderful home birth.
Mary Elizabeth Rose Bowman was born at home and she weighed 8ib 4 1⁄2 oz. 
I can’t thank you enough for helping to make this birth experience a completely different one for me.
I managed to stay calm (most of the time!). At one point I could visualise the baby moving down.
My contractions started about 6am on Friday morning.  I managed OK until Rene (my midwife) arrived at 9pm.  Had some gas & air at midnight.  Sharon (my other midwife) arrived at 12.30 am Saturday.
The whole experience was wonderful.  No horrible memories this time and my whole view of childbirth has changed.
This has been a healing experience for me, which I think is of great benefit to my family.
Breastfeeding so far this time has also been a success.
I have attached some photos.
Thank you again
Tracey Bowman

happy hypnobirthing babycalm hypnobirthing mum and babycalm hypnobirthing baby Mary Rosehappy big brother and hypnobirthing baby Mary
Mary Elizabeth Rose Bowman, with her mother and with her big brother Patrick

Katy Burns, Bromley, Kent - second baby - 2.2 2006

calm hypnobirthing baby Charlottepeaceful hypnobirthign baby Charlotte
Charlotte Rose Watmough
Born 9.40, 2nd Februaruy 2006 (water Birth)
Weighed 8lbs 12.5oz

Birth Testimonial - Katy Burns
I found my tapes very helpful for relaxation in both pregnancies, although in all honesty I used them more first time around as I had time to concentrate on me during that one!  I had been worried about not dilating and needing an emergency c-section the first time but Ollie arrived two and a half weeks early and after only three and a half hours of full blown labour.  I used the TENS machine and finally gas & air during this time and found the whole thing a very positive experience, although I did tear quite badly.

Charlotte was a week and a half early and was out before we knew it with less than two hours of full labour!  Again I used TENS and gas & air and she was born in a birthing pool, so my clam shell imagery was very appropriate!  My main concern was tearing but the second stage was less than 5 minutes and she was out after literally two pushes so I only needed a couple of stitches.

I recommend hypnobirthing to all, as you can take from it as much as you need and its a wonderfully positive thing to do for yourself during pregnancy (and ultimately the birth).  I found that whenever I was flagging during those tiring months of pregnancy listening to my tapes really perked me up and gave me more energy.  It gave me the inner calm I needed and the confidence to believe in my abilities to handle pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
Thank you so much

happy big brother Olliecontented and calm hypnobirthing baby Charlotte
Big brother Olliver John Watmough at 2 and a half years. Charlotte Rose Watmough at 3 months.

Gail Hawthorne, Biggin Hill, Kent - second baby VBAC (first baby breech)- 5.7.2006

My first baby was delivered by C section at 42 weeks, because he was breech, without me having experienced any labour at all, and as he was also very large (with a big head!) I wasn’t very confident about having my second baby naturally, as I wanted.  Having heard some very positive stories from women who had had hypnotherapy with Paola I decided to try it.  After the first session my baby turned from being in breech position to head down, and fortunately stayed that way.  I went into labour naturally a couple of days early (as I’d requested Paola to include this on the tape – wanting to avoid the potentially large size of an overdue baby) and after a four hour first stage and an hour of pushing I gave birth naturally to Alex, a baby boy, having only used a TENs machine and Paola’s techniques for pain relief.  I don’t think it is a coincidence that my body obviously was able to open up and work efficiently to get the baby out, and would definitely recommend Paola to help you have a positive and natural childbirth experience. 

breech baby Alex turned with hypnobirthing and was born VBAC

Oliver with baby brother Alex one week old

Gail wrote her full birth story for her local NCT
(National Childbirth Trust) Magazine

Gail’s Birth Story

Having had a previous Caesarean section for breech (without ever having gone into labour) I was keen to find out about how hospitals would approach “Vaginal Birth After Caesarean” – VBAC – as I wanted the best chance of as natural a birth as possible this time. Initially I was discouraged to learn that almost constant monitoring was expected, together with putting in a line in case of emergency complications. However, after discussing things with my consultant’s registrar it was agreed less monitoring would be OK if all seemed to be going well.

At about 34 weeks my midwife said she thought the baby was in a breech position, and as Oliver had been very large (10lb and a huge head) I was beginning to get a bit negative about the possibilities of doing it naturally. However, having heard some really encouraging birth stories at yoga from women who had had some hypnotherapy (or “hypnobirthing”) I decided to try that out. It involved going for two sessions, and then listening to a tape made during the second one as often as possible on the run up to the birth. The sessions themselves just involved being led into a deep relaxation and then listening to positive suggestions about the pregnancy labour and birth. Weirdly (and I’m not sure whether this was coincidental or not) the baby turned into a head down position after the first session, and I did my hypnosis homework regularly.

The week before my due date I had occasional period pains, and also spent a couple of days in hospital being checked out for a blood clot (fortunately all was OK). At one point during my stay a doctor examined me and said I was 1⁄2 a cm dilated (I didn’t know they did fractions!!) but I was pleased that at least something seemed to be happening.

A couple of days before my due date I had a broken night’s sleep, waking about every hour in a real sweat and with period pains. Luckily I was able to go to the loo and then went back to sleep. At 5:30am I woke with stronger pains, and as I sat up in bed my waters broke. Bob timed my “pains” and they were a minute long, coming every 3 minutes. So much for the gentle build up of contractions I had been expecting! Once in the PRUH (Princess Royal University Hospital) I was examined at about 9am and the doctor said I was 2cm dilated and that my cervix was “fully thinned”, so things seemed to be going well. We then put on the TENs machine and I concentrated on breathing through the contractions (some of which seemed to be double) and imagining a dial turning down the pain from 10 to 5 or 4 each time (which did work, for a while). Although beforehand I had been determined to be mobile, I had to be encouraged to get up from sitting and walk around, as my first instinct was to sit still and concentrate on coping with the feelings (control freak I’m afraid). So I paced up and down the corridor a bit, stopping to lean on Bob for some of the worse contractions. By about half twelve I was feeling really uncomfortable, and felt I needed to go to the loo (although I didn’t want to sit down), so was in the bathroom. The pain then began to get really intense and I found myself asking for more pain relief (i.e. gas and air) and at the same time starting to emit a strange bellowing sound. At that point Bob asked the midwife, who had just come back in, whether to move the TENs onto its “transition” programme. She replied that by the sounds I was making it was too late for that and that I should get on the bed ready to push. This took us so much by surprise that I still had my trousers on! I knelt on the bed, holding onto the raised top end of it, and the pushing began…. I have to say this was not at all as I had expected either, as I had an urge to push at the beginning of a contraction, but after that needed to be encouraged to keep pushing. Fortunately the midwife knew what she was doing and my body caught on after a while. At this stage I was handed the gas and air, but it didn’t seem to have an effect and after a while I let it drop. To cut an hour short, Alex was born at 10 past two, weighing 8lb 10 oz, and was passed through my legs so I could see for myself he was a little boy.

Then came stitches and a lovely phase of being quite high and giggly. I couldn’t quite believe after all the odds seeming stacked against it, that I had been able to have him naturally. We had to stay in hospital a day as there had been meconium in the fluid, but it was fantastic to be able to get up and look after Alex (despite being very saddle-sore) rather than lie in bed attached to a catheter as last time. A week on he is feeding well and sleeping pretty well and I am still thrilled at how everything went.

Obviously nothing like this can ever by proved, but I am pleased I went for the hypnotherapy, as in the event my labour was classed as lasting only 4 hours for the first stage, and one way or another my body did its job of opening up quickly, which was the main focus of the tape. Some of the pain-control techniques I learnt about were really useful, although after constant encouragement to visualise flowers opening up, I can safely say I never want to see another peony in bloom again in my life! It was certainly true for me that labour is very individual and probably never quite what you expect (in the event the pain-relieving massage techniques and idea of using hot water to help during contractions went out of the window). Thankfully the previous Caesarean wasn’t an issue at all, and I was pleasantly surprised that once I’d said what I wanted no-one put pressure on me to be monitored too frequently. I am really grateful that I can look back on an amazing experience, although (of course) I’m delighted most of all that we have another lovely son.

Sarah Findell, Cousldon, Surrey - first baby - 27.10.2006
Thank you so much for your help and support, I have no doubt at all that working with Paola allowed me to give birth to my new son the way I had intended. We had a totally drug free and natural labour, using the relaxation and breathing techniques Paola had taught me. I also felt totally confident during labour and am convinced that hypnotherapy also kept our son calm and healthy throughout that experience.

Since the birth I've healed very well and very quickly too and again this is the same for our new son. His cord stump was healing within days and was off completely before the end of his first week.

I'm immensely grateful to Paola for all her experience, wisdom and guidance and would recommend hypnobirthing to any expectant mother.

hypnobirthing baby NoahHappy Hypnobirthing parentscontented Hypnobirthing baby Noah

Noah Findell, 2 hours old - with his happy Mum and Dad - and in his car seat

Sarah used the same CD for her second baby and sent me an email 11.7.2008
Hi Paola,
Hope all is well with you.

Just wanted to pass on the news to let you know we've had another gorgeous baby boy - Arthur Aneurin Findell.
Born 30th June weighing in at 9 lb 2.
Had another brilliant birth at the Mayday birthing centre, but failed to get into the birthing pool again - this time because he was born too quick!
All very calm, pool was filling up, when very suddenly my waters broke, I was fully dilated (having been only 4cms moments before hand!) and was desperate to push. I did so - and two pushes later he was out. Recorded 12 minutes on the notes.
Bit of a tear unfortunately as he was so big and fast, but it was wonderful to have it all over with so quickly - all without any pain relief whatsoever - thanks again to your hypnotherapy techniques.

Wanted to let you know as the midwifes were really impressed. We had a student midwife who said she wanted to write up the labour as part of her case studies - both said they wanted to look more into hypnobirthing as they'd seen me go completely into myself and keep calm through each contraction. (I was eyes shut and on the bed this time, which really seemed to work for me!)

Have to say, I did start to panic a bit when it suddenly sped up, but it was all over so quick it really didn't matter.
So there you go - another Findell born completely naturally.
Thanks again for all your help - we couldn't do it without you!

I think we're all done now having got our family of boys, but should there be any more babies we'll be in touch!
Hope all is well with you and the hypnotherapy business!
Sarah and Lee

Katrina Roberts, Shortlands, Kent - first baby - 21.12.2006
Katrina sent me an email. When she came to see me she was very worried about breastfeeding in front of people.

Hi Paola

Thought you would be pleased to hear of the safe arrival of Lucy Amber Lynn on 21 December (I got my wish that she would come before Christmas!).

I wanted to say thank you for your help and advice prior to Lucy's birth. I found your CD was brilliant to help me relax and used to listen to it every afternoon leading up to the birth. It definitely helped me to feel more relaxed about the birth, even on the way to the hospital I wasn't worried about it.

I had quite a hard time having Lucy and ended up having an episiotomy and ventouse birth as she wasn't in any hurry to get out and her heart rate kept dropping. When she did arrive she was absolutely fine and weighed 6lbs.

She has turned our world upside down, but Kevin and I are both completely besotted!

Also, the breastfeeding is going really well, we struggled a bit for the first few days, but now seem to have got the knack of it and Lucy is putting on weight so that is good and thanks to the hypnobirthing I feed her in front of people without a care in the world.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2007.

Best wishes


hypnobirthing baby Lucy
Lucy Amber Lynn

Kate Cameron, Beckenham, Kent - twins - her third pregnancy - 5.12 2007
Kate sent me an email 17th May
Hi Paola
The hypnotherapy helped me to have a very positive labour and delivery of my twins. I also believe that it enabled me to stay fit and well during the end of my pregnancy, which lasted 39 weeks and 2 days. I have recovered so quickly and it doesn't seem possible that I gave birth to twins, naturally, less than two weeks ago.

I and the babies stayed calm and relaxed during the labour and I needed no pain relief. Life with the babies is wonderful, if a little sleep deprived! They are breastfeeding well and regained their birth weights by 10 days old.

Thank you Paola.

hypnobirthing twins

Hannah Eve weighed in at 6lb 7oz and Amy Charlotte at 7lb 4oz

hypnobirthing mum and twinshypnobirthing twins with big sister and brother

Kate and her twin girls, and big brother Edward and big sister Beth are delighted with their little sisters

Vicki Weller, Walmer, Kent - second baby- 8.7.2007
Vicki's first baby Alice (now 4 years old) was born by ventouse delivery, after a very long labour of 20 hours, which meant that Vicki tore very badly. She came to see me for 3 sessions of hypnobirthing as she wanted to have a much more pleasant birth experience this time round and also she wanted a quick birth.
This is her email to me after the birth of her son, Noah, sent 29th July, 07

Hi Paola
Just thought I would let you know that my son was born six days late on sun 08.07.2007. Although he kept us waiting a little, once he decided it was time, he arrived very quickly indeed. We didn't have time for the hospital so he was born on the living room carpet. It was everything I had dreamed it could be plus more, I didn't tear at all which made recovery so much quicker this time round which was important having Alice to care for. Alice has bonded with her brother wonderfully and I am now getting used to being a mother of two. Noah weighed a healthy 8lb 11oz. Thank you so much.
Take care

The birth from start to finish was only 4 hours!

Sarah Murgatroyd, Beckenham, Kent - second baby - 25.7.2007
After the birth of my first Child Bethia, which had involved being induced and a long 24 hour labour, I wanted a more natural birth second time around if possible. A friend had recommended a hypnosis CD which she had listened to and had helped her give birth at home without any pain relief! With my first child I was induced and had pain almost immediately, I then proceeded to have my waters broken, and the syntocin drip and after 16 hours I was exhausted and asked for an epidural. Bethia was born after 2 1/2 hours of pushing and I tore quite badly . Overall a happy experience but one I wanted to improve second time if possible.

I could not have had a more natural experience second time. At around 9pm on Tuesday 24th July I felt my waters go which was later confirmed at hospital that evening. After monitoring me they sent me home as I was not having any painful contractions at the time. At 3.30am they were painful and I returned to hospital where they confirmed I was 4cms dilated! I was offered the gas and air, which I decided to hold off until I really needed it. The contractions became stronger and stronger and around 6.0am I used the gas and air, and by 8.30 am it was time to push, and my beautiful baby son Noah was born at 8.54am. I had no tears even though he was 9 pounds and 4 ounces. I was able to be guided by the midwife who was advising me when to stop a bit and felt so much more in control of the birth. Many of the things Paola had said on my CD helped me including how to think of the contractions as my body opening up naturally for childbirth and how to try and relax through the contractions. I have been telling everyone how much I believe the CD helped, and he was even born on his due date! I would thoroughly recommend the sessions as they certainly helped me cope with the labour.

I found the sessions with Paola relaxing and listened to my CD as often as possible towards the end of my pregnancy. The second birth could not have gone better for me and I feel I owe a lot of that to Paola.

peaceful hypnobirthing baby

hypnobirthing Noah and mumhappy hypnobirthing family

Noah Murgatroyd with his mother Sarah and sister Bethia

Jo Barnes, Croydon, Surrey - second baby after a traumatic first birth- 20.7.2007
My husband and I heard about hypnobirthing, and in particular Paola, from my pregnancy yoga classes and decided that we should try this out after the traumatic experience we had with the birth of our first son who is now 3 years old. The incident never left us and became such an issue that I was so stressed I was unable to breastfeed my son (the milk never flowed!) and I was diagnosed with postnatal depression just after my son's first birthday (which I received treatment for). So my husband and I decided to do all that we could to ensure that our next labour would be different from the first and it definitely was.

We met Paola for a one-to-one session, which involved a discussion on what, had happened before, our hopes and fears and what we hoped our experience would be. Paola was fantastic. She actively listened and put us at ease and explained the whole process from beginning to end. She then put us both into a hypnotic state which was a first for my husband and a major revelation of how powerful the subconscious mind is and the feeling of still being in control. During this session the fears and tensions associated with our birthing experience were dealt with.
We left Paola with our notes and instructions, which we followed religiously but I was unable this time round to have a natural delivery, due to the unstable lie of my baby, (he was transverse and then breach), so my second son was born by c-section.

However this did not mean that the work we undertook with Paola was not of enormous benefit. I used the breathing and relaxation techniques developed within the session to help keep me centered and calm before the major operation - as I had to have a general anasthetic, as the spinal injections did not work, and with the pain relief after the c-section. I also used other recommendations by Paola such as the energy tablets, and the arnica pills to help with the overall healing process after the birth.

Within the session we had also worked on my milk flow and breastfeeding. Thus it was not an issue this time round to breastfeed my second son as the milk flow just seemed to start from the moment I laid eyes on him!

My husband and I are so grateful to Paola and the techniques that she shared with us as it gave us back our sense of control, focus and wellbeing after such a traumatic experience the first time.

We both recommend hypnobirthing to anyone (even those with no doubts, fears and or worries) so they can have, and use, such techniques whilst bringing a new life into this world.

hypnobirthing  mum and baby Oliverpeaceful hypnobirthing baby

Mum Jo with new baby - Oliver David

hypnobirthing baby Oliver with brother Harvey

baby Oliver with big brother Harvey

Andrea Mackenzie, Cranbrook, Surrey – first baby – 4.9.2007
NOTE FROM PAOLA - At her first session with me Andrea told me that she did not want a large baby because her sister-in-law had had 10lb and 11lb babies. Also she wanted her baby to be born early September so he was not the youngest in his school year. The baby’s due date was 30th August. She was also anxious about PND and so in Andrea’s hypnobirthing, part of the programme on the CD included that the baby would be around 8lb, be born early September and after the birth she would be energized and feeling great.

This is the email Andrea sent 9th September
Hi Paola,
Well just to let you know that Joshua Seaforth Mackenzie entered the world at 4.04pm on Tuesday 4th September weighing in at 8lb 1oz. So not only did he make it into September to be one of the oldest in the school year but also he was not an enormous weight - 2 of my concerns!!

What can I say about the birth except that it was an amazing experience......I started to have very mild contractions on Monday night at 11pm but went to bed as they were not too bad. However at about 3.00am then again at 4.30am I woke up with quite a strong contraction. My husband Jo made me go back to bed and I did manage to sleep through till morning.

Full on contractions started about 10.00am and Jo kept me focused making me repeat my mantras and thinking of beaches, shapes and dials. The 'wonderful, happy childbirth' that I repeated was amazing and I found myself so focused that at one stage I called my sister to ask at what point things get really painful! Anyway Jo kept me busy and in between contractions we played Yahtzee!!!

Eventually when contractions were lasting 2 minutes and every 3 minutes we decided to go to hospital. On arrival the midwife examined me and told me I was already 9cm dilated, my waters broke and it was about then I wanted to push. We arrived at hospital at 1.45 and he was born at drugs, no gas and air.....just the hypnobirthing! I had no tearing either and I have to say that although not entirely pain free, it was totally bearable and I felt in control the whole time and the advice that you gave to my husband was invaluable - he was brilliant.

Now 5 days later I feel fantastic - just as you said I would. I ate all my dextrose tablets and have been taking my arnica. Baby Joshua is just such a beautiful bundle of very hungry joy!!! Jo and I are so proud and wish to thank you for everything. I will be recommending you and hypnobirthing to all my future pregnant friends!

I have attached a picture of proud mummy and Joshua.
Thank you once again
Best wishes

radiant hypnobirthing mum and baby

Andrea with one day old Joshua

Jo Rawstron, Walthamsow, E17 - first baby - 22.7.2007
Jo sent me and email 15th October
Dear Paola
I have been meaning to write to you for absolutely months!! I do hope you remember me, I came to see you in about May for a long hypnosis session to help get me ready for the birth of our first baby. Well, Fergus arrived only three days late (July 22nd) and at a healthy 8lbs 12.I had a very positive birth experience and all the work you did with me really helped, although the labour was a little longer than I would have liked (!) I only needed some gas and air and the rest was down to the breathing and relaxation. I honestly didn't think I would manage it initially, but now feel very proud of myself after the whole experience.
All is now going well, Fergus feeds well, and has done since the moment he came into this world, and I am just loving motherhood and can't wait to have another one!!
Thank you for all your help, I shall hang onto my CD and treasure it for the next time, and I do hope I can come in and see you some time and introduce you to Fergus!

All the best
Jo Rawstron

Carrie Lawry, Chicago, USA - first baby - 17.4.2007
Carrie sent me a letter 26th October
Dear Paola,
We would like to thank you for traveling all the way to the United States to help us have a wonderful birth experience.
I have to admit I was a little skeptical about hypnobirthing until my first hypnosis experience with you. After our first session, I was convinced hypnobirthing was going to be a wonderful way to have a baby.
Listening to the hypnobirthing CD you made me was a wonderful way to have some relaxing time to myself every day. It allowed me to feel rejuvenated and refreshed for the rest of the day. Your voice is extremely calming and really helped me relax and get into hypnosis.
Although Austin’s birth did not go exactly as we had planned, it was still a wonderful experience because of your work with us. We had 23 1⁄2 hours of labor before having an emergency cesarean birth. I found the hypnobirthing program you made for us to be absolutely amazing during the 23 hours of labor. I was actually able to relax during labor!! Learning how to put myself in hypnosis and relax were invaluable tools for us.
After I was informed the baby was too large and we needed to have a cesarean, I asked the doctor to allow me a few minutes to get ready for surgery. I used the hypnosis techniques you taught me to get me into the correct mindset for surgery. I was able to remain calm and focused throughout the entire surgery. I also used self hypnosis and the CD you gave me to help me relax and heal after surgery. This allowed me to recover much more quickly and allowed me to have much needed rest with a newborn baby.
We cannot thank you enough for helping us so much. Your advice and hypnobirthing techniques proved to be invaluable! We are already looking forward to trying natural childbirth for our next baby. We hope you will travel again to the U.S.A. for us!
Thank you so much!
Carrie, Stuart, & Austin Lawry

calm Austin after a birth using hypnosisContented baby born using hypnosis

Austin newly born and at three and a half months

happy hypnobirthing family

The happy family, Carrie, Stuart and Austin at six weeks old

Demelza Greenwell, South Croydon, Surrey - first baby - Eloise born 16.02.2007
Thanks to Paola I had the natural waterbirth I had dreamt of. It all went to plan and I was so proud of what I achieved that day. The CD's she made for me helped me to wind down and learn how to relax. They helped me prepare for the rest of my pregnancy, labour, the birth and the healing. The breast feeding was so easy my daughter and I bonded straight away. The most vivid memory near the end of the birth was when I felt like Paola was in the birthing suite with me coaching me though every step of the way!

Emma Martin, Bromley, Kent - first baby born 12.11.2007
Dear Paola,
Just a quick email to let you know that Benjamin James Martin was born on Monday, 12th November, at 3.56pm at home, as planned. He weighs 6lbs 14ozs and is absolutely beautiful (so says his biased mother!) I just wanted to say thank you for your help with the hypnobirthing - it definitely helped as lot - the midwives commented on how relaxed I was throughout. In fact, I can honestly say that I really enjoyed the whole thing (6 1/2 hours labour, so nice and quick) - it was indeed a "wonderful happy childbirth"!
With kind regards

Jane Collier, Sydenham, SE26 - second baby born 23.4.2008
Jane's first birth was extremely long, over 48 hours of labour. She was exhausted and breast feeding was quite hard to begin with. This is the email Jane sent me after her second baby.
Hi Paola
I am so sorry that I haven't been in touch before. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the help you gave me in the run up to our baby's birth, during the labour and afterwards too - I am positive that the Hypnobirthing made all a difference!

Alice Georgina was born on 23rd April, ten days late, by which time I was very relaxed (my mum came down to be with me and I listened to your cd every day). The contractions started at 10am and were really bearable until we went into to hospital at about 1.30pm. The midwife broke my waters at 2.10pm and Alice was born at 2.48pm. So much quicker than William it was unbelievable, in fact both Matt and I were in total shock that we couldn't quite believe she had actually arrived!

As suggested on the cd I stood up for most of the labour (apart from the last ten minutes and the three pushes it took for Alice to come out) and the midwife said that this certainly accelerated the labour. At the end I thought about my river analogy and that really help with the pain.

Afterwards I have been much more relaxed. Breastfeeding has been much easier and I seem to have healed well. Alice is a wonderfully calm baby and William is extremely good with her! She is putting on weight really well and sleeps well.

Thank you again for all your help - I really think it made all the difference.
With love
Jane, Matt, William and Alice

contented and calm hypnobirthing baby Alice
Alice Georgina Collier

Elaine Gavin, West Wickham, Kent - first baby born 19.5.2008
Elaine sent me an email 20.6.2008
Hi Paola,
How are you? I hope alls well.
I had a beautiful baby boy, Leon just over 4 weeks ago. Eight pounds, birth took 5 hours.
I used the hypnobirthing, TENS and the gas and I have to say the whole experience was amazing and manageable - though I was glad when it was all over. I felt my pain management was adequate throughout and I was delighted with myself (and the wee one of course).
Thanks so much for your help Paola, the hypnobirthing was great and I have been recommending you and hypnobirthing since.
All the best,
Elaine Gavin

Vicky Higgins, Bromley, Kent - first baby and a HOME BIRTH – 6.9.2008
Vicky sent me an email 12.9.2008

Hi Paola,
My husband and I visited you last Thursday (4th) in preparation for our planned homebirth. On Saturday morning (6th) at 3am my contractions started and I gave birth to Poppy Maud Alexandra Higgins at 7:26pm Saturday evening. All went to plan. The midwives were fantastic and I coped with a TENS machine, gas and air and lots of positive affirmations, yoga breathing and fantastic support from Nick. Your help was clearly a factor in achieving the birth we wanted. I had been bombarded with negativity but by taking control through yoga and hypnotherapy I was confident that I would have a positive experience. I am convinced that this outcome is largely down to a peaceful entry into the world and the time we had together as a family immediately after her birth (i.e. I cannot imagine the trauma mums go through when their partners are ejected from hospital soon after the birth thus leaving mum in a strange environment with screaming babies and too many people). It was truly wonderful.

Attached are a couple of piccies.

Also, I had minimal blood loss (remember I was bothered about this). No tears/no damage at all. Breastfeeding is going extremely well and I also seem to have lost most of my belly in less than a week! I am tired but feel so fantastic. I can hardly believe it has really happened exactly as I wanted it to. I am truly blessed.

Lots of love and thanks again
Victoria (Vicky) and Nick Higgins

Hypnobirthing baby Poppyhaooy hypnobirthing baby
Vicky and Poppy

Natalie Dickens, Penge, SE20 – first baby born 25.11.2007
Natalie sent me an email 6.10 2008

Hi Paola,
First I must apologise, it has taken me 10 months to get it together to write to you post the birth of my son Thomas Copsey on 25th November 2007.
I came to you this time last year for hypnobirthing and promised to write with feedback.
So here it is!
I listened to my CD every evening in bed, often falling asleep towards the end. Sometimes I listened to the CD in the morning before getting up – you had added a sentence in your reading to allow me to drift off into a wonderful sleep, or get up feeling revived!
The reason I came to see you was to combat my fear of loosing control, and fearing ‘fear’ itself. I wanted a natural birth – if possible.
So the story goes:
For some reason I went into early labour at 34 weeks, the hospital were able to stop this and I carried Tom until 41 weeks, I had a ‘sweep’ on the Thursday, cramps on the Friday, a show on the Saturday, with more cramps. Then at 1.30 on Sunday morning my waters broke.
I left ‘dad’ asleep and went downstairs to get my notes (from the car, 300 metres up the road! - and call the hospital.
Contractions were intense from the start, but manageable – I started Zoë's yoga breathing technique, then woke dad, Rob.
Called the hospital again at 2.30 and they said to come in. Decided to have a bath first!
Journey to hospital was tough, but I was in ‘job to be done mode’ and never felt out of control.
Gas and air – the birthing pool was free and being prepared (I was really pleased as I wanted a water birth, but with only one pool available chances were slim).
The midwife ran me a bath in the interim, which really, really helped.
From this stage I found using all of the hypno and yoga techniques much easier.
I was very aware of being totally in control and totally focused. I remember the midwife telling me to stop making noise at one stage because I would use up my energy – considering this was the only input she had offered over the course of about 6 hours by now, I decided (to myself) she could bugger off and that I didn’t need her anyway!
Rob said he couldn’t believe how focused and determined I was.
Tom’s head crowned and then got stuck, which was a bit hairy. I had to get out of the pool and walk across the room. The two more huge pushes later he came out at 11.20am.
His APGAR was low at first and needed urgent attention but was fine after a while, just a bit traumatized.
My cord snapped and placenta wouldn’t deliver. So after all that I ended up in theatre to have it removed with a spinal block ! (But by this stage really didn’t care!)
When I came out, Tom was bought to me, the most amazing moment in my life.
Despite the hiccups I felt my experience was very positive, I felt armed with courage through my sessions with you and with the knowledge gained at Zoe’s yoga (I have been in and done the class talk for Zoë).
I have recommended you to many friends, and will definitely be back to see you when we try for another.
I have attached a picture of us on hols, Tom aged 7 months.
I hope all is well.
Kind regards
Natalie Dickens

Happy, smiling hypnobirthing baby
Natalie and Tom

Vikki Denbow, Bromley, Kent – first baby – 8.10.2008
Eva Ann Denbow was born at 4.28am on Wednesday 8th October, weighing in at 5lbs 6ozs.
I was able to effectively use hypnobirthing positive visualisation along with yoga breathing while I was at home during my first 23 hours of labour before I went to hospital. Had it not been for my baby's irregular heartbeat, which meant the use of more medical procedures were necessary to ensure her safety, I feel certain that I would have been able to achieve the natural birth I wanted. At the hospital I was told that I was dilated enough to try pushing! They gave me an episiotomy and basically I was given 10 minutes to get her out, otherwise we were going to theatre - she was out in 8 minutes flat! Eva fed straight away and hasn't stopped since!
Thank you Paola.

Hypnobirthing Dad and babyHypnobirthing mother and baby
Adrian and Vikki with their newly born daughter Eva

contented hypnobirthing baby
Eva Ann Denbow

Emma Johnson, Old Coulsdon, Surrey – second baby – 29.4.2008
Emma sent me this testimonial February 2009

I sought Paola’s help in the late stages of pregnancy and in a state of some trepidation about the impending birth of my second child. I had a negative experience with the birth of my first child who was born by caesarean due to his large size of 10lb. I was hoping to avoid a repeat of the previous stressful circumstances and if possible was hoping to avoid a second caesarean.

Instantly Paola’s calm and positive manner put me at ease and instilled a quiet confidence in me, which slowly turned my fear into anticipation and excitement. I started to believe that I could do it – not only survive the birth, maintaining the sense of control that was lacking before, but actually to enjoy the experience. For the first time I looked forward to the birth. My partner and I had two sessions with Paola and then used the CD that she prepared especially for us.

We worked on our expectations for the birth; preparing for the process of labour; regulating the size of the baby – hoping that this time the size would be more manageable than previously; my expectations of breastfeeding – because of my sense of failure at giving up after 6 weeks the first time around because it was so painful. I went into labour on time (something we had also worked on) and moved swiftly and easily through the fist stages, arriving at hospital half-way dilated.

Unfortunately the hospital staff had not been working with Paola and it was clear that their expectations were of a second caesarean rather than a natural birth. They insisted on keeping me on a monitor, which kept me still and slowed the process down. My partner and I managed to remain calm in the face of this disappointment, something that would not have been possible without the techniques we learned from Paola and after 36 hours of manageable labour we finally agreed to the caesarean successfully negotiating a simultaneous sterilization which was something of a consolation prize.

Baby Elsie, when she arrived, was certainly not a consolation prize. She was beautiful, healthy and contented and only 7lb 4oz! Although breastfeeding was initially painful I was able to persevere, quietly and resolutely, thanks to Paola’s techniques, and six weeks later the pain disappeared completely and breastfeeding became easy and wonderful, just as Paola had said it would be. I am still doing it nine months on and that is a real joy! I know that Paola’s intervention made all the difference between this and my previous experience. I would recommend hypnobirthing to any woman, but particularly I would recommend Paola, because she helped me turn negative expectations and unforeseen circumstances into a totally positive experience. My advice to any nervous pregnant woman would be to see Paola and make the very best of your birthing experience.

calm hypobirthing baby
Baby Elsie with big brother Stanley

Katie and Daniel Darwin, West Wickham, Kent – first baby born 15th June 2009
Katie sent me an email 5.8.2009

Dear Paola,
A huge thank you for the wonderful hypnobirthing recording you made for me. I listened to it every day for the last 2 months of my pregnancy. I looked forward to this 'time out' each day and felt so relaxed, happy and actually looked forward to the birth.
Eddie was born at home on 15th June, 2 days before my due date. I found the contractions very manageable, I used a TENS machine and only used gas and air during the transition stage. I believe the visualisation and relaxation techniques from the hypnobirthing got me through. The midwives, my sister and husband couldn't believe how calm I was during the entire labour.
I have been recommending you to all my pregnant friends. I really miss listening to my recording each day as I found it so relaxing, I suppose I would find it hard to get time to do it now anyway!
Thank you once again,
Katie and Daniel Darwin

content hypnobirthing baby
Katie and Eddie

Amy Burgess, Lee, SE12 - first baby born 14.9.2009
Amy sent me an email 15.1.2010
Hi Paola
Just thought I'd send you a little update;
First of all a big thank you. Hypno birthing was the best thing I ever did and I'm so pleased my sister in-law passed on your details to me.
I went in to labour three days early, which I thought was fantastic. All my labour was in my back so for a while I was convinced it was just back ache much to the horror of my husband!!!
I managed to stay at home for as long as possible concentrating on my nice place etc and in a way it was if I was in my own little world even though my husband was there supporting me.
My labour lasted 27 hours which I thought was pretty good going for saying it was my first and as I said held on at home for as long as I could. When I got to hospital I was 8cm dilated, which did panic me a bit but hey I was virtually there. I managed to get to 9cm quite quickly all on gas and air but unfortunately they soon realised that the cord was wrapped around my baby’s neck and shoulder so I had to be shipped off for an emergency c section.
I was obviously upset once I came round from the operation but thankful that I had a healthy little boy weighing 7lb 4oz called Harry.
Thank you once again, the whole experience of labour for me was actually enjoyable and my husband actually commented as to how quiet and in control I was.
Many thanks
Amy Burgess

hypnobirthing baby Harry
Harry Burgess

Penny Cox, Beckenham, Kent – second baby – 27.5.2010
Penny was very traumatized by her first birth, which was long and full of intervention. She also had troubles breastfeeding. In fact she was very tearful when she first came to see me. However, teaching her self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques to help her remain in control made the second birth a pleasurable experience and very different from the first birth.
It is important to remember that the female body is designed to give birth and that no two births are the same. Learning how to relax allows your body to work in the way it is supposed to do.

Penny sent me an email 15.6.2010

Hello Paola,
I hope you are well. I wanted to let you know that we had a baby boy on 27/05/10 and have named him Harrison Daniel.

I wanted also to thank you for all your help and for my tape which I listened to nearly every day leading up to the birth and I'm happy to say we had a calm and relaxing, wonderfully natural experience! I feel full of pride at having achieved this and hence have recovered really well from the birth and am back functioning fully, which with having Charlotte to look after also is brilliant.

I can look back on the experience with joy and am so glad at having experienced a natural delivery.

I would like to stay online and write further details but am needed for feeding- he is a big healthy boy that is loving the breastfeeding!
I just wanted to keep you updated with our news as soon as I could.

Thank you so much again.
Penny x

contented hypnobirthing babyhypnobirthing baby hypnobirthing baby and big sister
Harrison Daniel and big sister Charlotte

G and L W, West Wickham, Kent – second baby and A HOME BIRTH – June 2010
G was very anxious about the birth of her second baby. The Hypnobirthing really helped her to be relaxed and in control. She sent me this email 22.6.2010

Dear Paola,
I just wanted to let you know that our daughter Darcey was born at home at 3pm. She weighed in at 5 pounds and 12 ounces.
L and I used the hypnobirthing during labour, which was great and I didn't need any pain relief.
Thank you so much for the sessions they really helped us during the labour and I really felt in the zone and the midwives kept saying how calm and relaxed I was during labour.
Once again thank you so much.
G and L

Jayne Cherrington-Cook, Bexley, London – first baby – 21.5.2010
Jayne sent me the following email 11th July

Hi Paola

As promised, I thought I'd drop you a quick line to let you know how my labour went! Unfortunately a week after I last saw you, I was diagnosed with obstetric cholestasis, which made me itchy but is potentially dangerous to the unborn baby. So it meant the birthing centre and a totally natural birth was out and I was induced at 38 weeks. I was induced on the Thursday evening and told it would take some time, but by 3am the following morning I was, unbeknown to me, in full on labour. Obviously your fabulous CD did it's job because I got to 8cm dilated on just 2 paracetemol! The only downside was that my husband was sent home so we couldn't use his calming techniques, which he had been practicing. I was soon taken to the labour ward where I gave birth to my baby son at 6.27am - with just 10 mins of gas and air to help!

So it's a big thank you - my labour was super quick and not that painful either!

I've attached a picture of baby Milo, who was born weighing 6lb 14oz but is now at 7 weeks a whopping 11llbs.

All the best

Note from Paola – Jayne’s husband was called back and arrived 40 minutes before Milo was born.

hypnobirthing baby MiloHypnobirthing baby Milo
baby Milo

Lisa Brown, Sidcup, Kent – First baby born 9.7.2010
Hi Paola - wanted to let you know that I had a baby girl on Friday at 16.16 weighing 6lb 12 - we have named her isabelle rose. I wanted to thank you for the hypnobirthing - the visualisations and everything was invaluable and as a result I only needed gas and air and was able to use the pool for labour. The whole experience was more than I could have imagined and I know that wouldn’t have been the case if it wasn’t for both the hypnobirthing and Zoe's yoga classes.
thanks again

Sarah Jewell, CANADA - first baby - 4.1.2011

Sarah was recommended to contact me as she was told her baby was breach. We talked over the phone and I sent her a Hypnobirthing CD. Once she had listened to that and knew about self-hypnosis, we had another phone call, and I was able to teach her how to work at turning her baby. Unfortunately this process was not successful. However, the Hypnobirthing did allow her to have a magical birth experience as it should be.
Sarah sent me this email 12.1.2011
Hello Paola,
Just letting you know that we had a little girl, Isla. She was born on Tuesday the 4th of January, via c-section. Although it wasn't the natural birth we had hoped for, it was still very calm and very special - we put this down to our hypnobirthing training. There were no nerves, just happy anticipation. Thanks again!
Sara and Isla

Hypnobirthing Workshop Testimonials

Gail Topping, Folkstone, Kent
A very enjoyable day, full of fun and made me feel more equipped to give birth. it is useful to have a shared experience with your partner so you can approach things as a team.

James Draper (Gail's partner)
Refreshingly useful non-medical approach to a natural process, which should be the mainstream approach!
(I work in the NHS as a nurse).

Letter from Gail Topping after the birth of her daughter Eve - 1.9.2005
Dear Paola
My partner and I attended your hypnobirth workshop in February and here is an account of our experience.
We had our beautiful daughter Eve (first baby) on 01/08/05. Things could not really have gone any better. It was an unforgettable, wonderful and empowering experience.

I listened to the Hypnobirthing CD 2-4 times a week from 14 weeks and every day in the last 5 weeks of the pregnancy. Eve was due on 25/07 and the midwife offered to do a "sweep" to start things off. I however decided the baby would come when he/she was ready and declined - I knew things were starting on the Sunday late afternoon, at which point I went and lay down to rest and listened to the CD. About 7p.m. I felt definite contractions and spoke to the midwife - she offered to come but I felt happy to wait and said I would call her about 9 to see how things were-I then had a lovely dinner -between contractions!

At nine things were moving along so the midwife came to see me, at which point I was 2-3cms dilated and coping fine. She left and for the next 5 1/2 hours I moved around as I felt using yoga breathing - the Hypnobirthing phrases kept coming to me spontaneously and helped me cope with the contractions. When the midwife came again I was 8cms and felt happy to have managed to get there so quickly! My waters broke spontaneously and we then went downstairs to the room we had set up for delivery. The 2nd midwife came and joked about me being really in labour, as I appeared so calm! The second stage lasted 1hr 15mins but felt like half an hour to me-the hardest part was not pushing, I used gas and air and James was an excellent support during labour. At 04:14 Eve was born in 3 pushes, she was clean and in wonderful health. We were on a high for days and days!

Postnatally I had a small tear which initially they worried would not heal so well, but has done since. Eve breastfeeds well and is very healthy and strong and we love being parents. We went out with her for a walk the day after she was born and have given her lots of outings since. I even could fit into some of my old clothes 2 weeks after the birth!

I would definitely recommend Hypnobirthing. I felt very able to cope with the labour and have recovered so well. Of course Hypnobirthing doesn’t make labour completely pain free and of course we have had times where we have struggled too - but these have been fleeting and manageable. I believe it really made a difference, even though I had my doubts it would at times.

Love Gail, James and Eve

To everyone thinking of using Hypnobirthing Gail says "Try it and see, you have nothing to lose!"

eve - hypnobirthing baby

Little Eve 4 hours old

Laura Bosley, Orpington, Kent
I really enjoyed going into hypnosis.

David Bosley (Laura's husband)
I feel that the course is incredibly valuable in empowering a couple to have more control over the birth of their child. Just in committing to, and attending, the course they are much more likely to have a natural and enjoyable childbirth experience.

Wendy Horton, Petts Wood, Kent
I was surprised that you could go into hypnosis in a room full of strangers, so don't let that put you off.

John Horton (Wendy's husband)
I enjoyed all of the course and I now have much more understanding of what is involved in a natural childbirth.

Charlotte Coulson, Sydenham, Kent
I'm feeling much calmer already - thank you!

Craig Coulson (Charlotte's husband)
Very good - many thanks!

Nina Piris and Lee Purnell, Sanderstead, Surrey
We found the workshop very relaxing. Felt calmer by the end of the day. We are now looking forward to the birth.

Sibel and Alan Totten, Bickley, Kent
We really enjoyed the balance between the hypnosis and the biological aspect of giving birth and understanding the process.

Tim Alberry, Leighton Buzzard, Beds
Everyone who is going to be a mum or a dad should go on this course.

Fiona Newman, Lewisham, London
The session really gave my partner and myself an opportunity to positively focus on the birth and really look forward to the experience.

Dear Paola,
I just wanted to let you know that our beautiful little girl, Lola Estelle, was born three weeks early last Saturday (7th May, 2005) at 10.05pm weighing 6Lb.
I did have a totally natural childbirth and she was born in less than 4 hours. I didn't have any pain relief (apart from a few quick puffs of gas and air) I just used the visual techniques you taught us plus yoga breathing/relaxation. The midwives didn't even realise I was in proper labour (I was in hospital because my waters had broken) so they just left me lying in a bath. When they heard me making low moaning noises, they examined me and I was 8/9 cm dilated. I was rushed down to delivery and gave birth 40 minutes later. I only needed one stitch.
Thank you so much for your workshop, I really feel it played a part in making the birth of my daughter a really positive experience. I felt fantastic after the birth and despite limited sleep, still do.
Best wishes,
Fiona Newman

Beth Lee-Smith, Croydon, Surrey
A very enjoyable and informative day. It is fab to be able to think of birth in such an enjoyable and positive manner!

Jo Rumm, Bromley, Kent
Excellent learning experience. The workshop has put me in a more positive frame of mind for the birth knowing that I will be more in control.

Ben Wright, Lewes, East Sussex
A good day of discussion and preparation for me as a birth partner.

Emily Bradley, Bromley, Kent
A very beneficial course - I feel much calmer about my forthcoming labour and am now looking forward to the big day.

Philip Reynolds, Croydon, Surrey
I enjoyed the course as it was not "New Age Nonsense!"

Letter from Julie Gillard, Croydon, Surrey, after the birth of her son Morgan Christopher- 17.9.2005
Hi Paola
I just thought I would let you know that our baby was born 2 weeks ago, on 17th September. He was 7lb 6oz, and called Morgan Christopher.

Well I'm not sure whether you will count this as a success for hypnotherapy or not! Because labour lasted a grand total of 1 hour 40 minutes - I began with mild crampy sensations at 6am and he was born at 7.40am with me squatting over the toilet! He was delivered by Phil (my husband) with the help of a nice lady on the end of the phone at 999 because the midwife hadn't arrived yet - both she and an ambulance turned up 5 minutes later!

Despite the somewhat unorthodox arrival, we were both absolutely fine. I had a couple of small superficial stitches but nothing significant and they didn't cause me too much trouble. We have had a few problems with breast feeding in the early days since he loses interest very quickly, but I am now expressing milk and topping up his breast feeds with expressed milk fed to him by bottle, which works out fine for all concerned. I have plenty of milk, so there's no problem on that front either.
Well I have to confess that because of the speed of things, I didn't have a chance to actively use the trigger words or ensure that I was in hypnosis! However I had been listening to the CD at minimum every other day in the period between our sessions with you and his birth, so I'm sure it did kick in automatically.

Personally I would definitely count the birth as a 'success' from my point of view. I didn't actively have to 'do' anything, my body and the baby between them apparently knew exactly what to do and when. My overriding memory is actually not of pain, only of 'strain' (which I know now was pushing, but it was completely involuntary on my part!) And because it was so fast I was physically very well afterwards and able to be up and about very quickly.
Thanks again for your help

(Note from Paola – The hypnosis CD contains a ‘trigger’ for the entire programme to be activated by the first contraction. So this explains why Julie knew “exactly what to do” and was so relaxed.)

Julie had her second baby 1.10.2008 and used the same CD for this baby. Here is the email she sent me:-
Hi there,
Just to let you know that Bethany-Anne was delivered on 1st October, and even faster and more easily than her brother Morgan 3 years earlier.

Bethany-Anne took 47 minutes, from waking at 6.20 with fairly mild contractions every five minutes, to being born at 7.07!  We therefore had a second birth with no medical assistance since the midwife again couldn't make it in time. Bethany-Anne was 8lb+ and extremely well, and quite a settled content little sweetie, and an expert at breastfeeding.  I was also fine, with no stitches or damage. This time I had absolutely no pain relief at all, I didn't even have time to get the TENS machine on!

I have to confess that I actually did very little listening to the CD this time round, but I did mentally have in mind what you'd said last time - that it would all kick in automatically upon the start of contractions.
So thanks again!

Hayley and Daniel Thomas, Beckenham, Kent
Daniel - I had never been hypnotised before and I can see the benefits it will have for us (especially at birth time).
Hayley - I feel this has been a very positive experience and has helped put my fears into perspective and has helped me to look forwards to, rather than fear, the birth! Thank you.

Ceri Steel, Beckenham, Kent
The course has helped me feel more confident about my forthcoming birth and I'm looking forward to using the techniques I've learnt today in the class. Thank you.

Alison Woodley, Bromley, Kent - sent an email
Hi Paola
Thank you so much for Saturday's Workshop, 11th February 2006. We learnt a lot and it seemed to do Ben a world of good. You may have noticed that he was very down and stressed at the start of the day, due to the problems with our house move, but his mood really picked up and his sense of perspective has returned. We had a lovely weekend afterwards.
Also, we listened to the CD on Saturday night. When I woke up on Sunday morning I'd started to produce milk! Only a few drops, but I think my fears about breast feeding are well and truly over as now I know I can do it!
Thanks again, and I'll stay in touch with updates.....
Alison Woodley

(Note from Paola - These workshops are really beneficial for both the mum-to-be and the dad-to-be, as relaxation techniques are learnt which are with you for life, not just for having a natural childbirth!)

F C, Orpington, Kent
Everything was great. The day flew by which is always a good sign! the hypnosis was particularly good and i liked the fact that it was a small group.

M C, (F's Husband)
The mix of relaxation (hypnosis) and factual information was excellent.
Relaxation is a key tool I use to cope with the challenges of life. Practice has enabled me to use this tool almost anywhere. I have not taken any medication for the last 15 years when this relaxation was introduced to me.

Email from F C 18th August 2006 after the birth of her first baby
I was induced 4 days early due to problems detected through routine blood tests. The induction process wasn’t particularly pleasant as I went from nothing to almost continuous and big contractions, which really took my breath away! After 6 hours I had an epidural and from then on it was pretty much plain sailing and I would say that I actually enjoyed the experience and definitely felt very relaxed. I listened to the Hypnobirthing CD about 2-3 times a week for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy and it was really helpful. Paola’s tips and advice were invaluable. I had little of the expected post natal “baby blues” and although I am not quite back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, I do feel physically and mentally very well.

contented hypnobirthing baby
Baby Ethan born 2.8.2006

Mel Speller, Orpington, Kent
I really liked the suggestions for coping with the contractions. And the way partners were very much included is brilliant.

Mick Speller (Mel's husband)
I really enjoyed understanding and learning more about the birth process.

Extract from email from Mel Speller after the birth of her daughter Jasmine, 2nd August, 2006. This was a vaginal birth after a caesarean because Jamie was breech. Jasmine was also breech but turned soon after the workshop (June 10th)
Hi Paola
I thought you'd like to know that I gave birth on Sunday 2nd to a baby girl, Jasmine Bethany weighing in at 6.5lb, 3 weeks early.
What a wonderful feeling when she came out, it is like nothing I could describe.
I could not stop smiling for the rest of the day i was so happy with myself that I had done it naturally after the 1st c section that I would recommend a natural to anyone and definitely a vbac for anyone that has had previous c section. We came home 24 hrs after delivery and I am enjoying breast feeding her although I am sore. She is so gorgeous and jamie is interacting with her well, in fact is possibly a little over helpful being 2 years old!

VBAC Hypnobirthing baby Jasmine born vaginally after caesarean first baby

Jasmine Bethany

Hypnobirthing familyHypnobirthing Jasmine with brother Jamie

Mel and Jasmine, Mick and Jamie. Jamie helping with his little sister.

Justine Payne, Sydenham, SE 26
A very enjoyable day - thank you. I feel much calmer, confident and more able to relax.

Email from Justine, 31.12.2006
Just a quick note to let you know we had a healthy baby boy at home on the 13th December. The birth went fantastically and no analgesia required! Think my control and silence baffled the midwife as she was asking what I did throughout the labour and delivery as my eye's were closed and I was in my "special place". Baby Declan came out clean and calm..10 days early but a healthy 7lb13oz.
Thank you for for the course, the CD clearly worked and we are over the moon!
Hope you had a good Christmas,
Best Wishes for the new year,
Justine Payne, Dillon Chiparamandu and baby Declan x

Balbir Benning, Bromley, Kent
Very informative and useful.

Email from Balbir 3.12.2006
I had my baby girl, Amandeet, on the 19/11/06 at 19:54. Throughout the contractions and the labour the session I had with you really helped. The labour lasted for 3 hours and I was able to push for 40mins and she was born. She weighed 7ib 4oz. Throughout I did the visualisation exercise, which helped me to focus. It was the most enjoyable experience of my life, and to see her made it all the more pleasurable.

Vincent Welensky, Bromley, Kent
The Relaxation Techniques will be of benefit in all aspects of life not just while my wife is pregnant.

Claudia Cimmino, Bromley, Kent
I enjoyed the amount of information provided and every question or concern was answered and so I feel better about the whole birthing experience. Hypnosis was extremely relaxing and will be a very useful tool in my childbirth experience. I am now feeling very confident about my impending childbirth ( 4 weeks). I have less anxiety and feel very excited about the childbirth!

Mike Cimmino (Claudia's husband)
I would recommend this to expecting mothers who would really benefit form the outlook Paola provides and how Hypnobirthing will help women before and after the baby is born.

David Alley, Whitchurch, Bristol
You should definitely write a book!

Note from Paola - this has already been planned and just needs a bit more time to complete!

Jackie Perez, Purley, Surrey
The course is very informative and it covered individual concerns which is very important as it puts one's mind at rest. There are lots of handouts in case you forget anything. Paola is very passionate and positive so this cannot help but rub off on you.

Happy hypnobirthing baby hypnobirthing mum and baby
baby Freya and mother Jackie

Jackie sent me an email 8.9.2008
I met Paola originally through networking and knew that if/when I ever got pregnant I would approach her for the hypnobirthing she specialises in. I did get pregnant and I booked one of Paola's hypnobirthing courses for my partner and I. Before attending it would be fair to say I was very nervous at the prospect of giving birth as most of the stories I had heard about the birth process were rather horrific!

I found the hypnobirthing course to be interesting, relaxing, informative and most of all I came away feeling confident and calm about the birth process. It makes such sense that if you remain relaxed during labour using any number of techniques given to you that you are going to have a wonderful experience. My partner also found the course to be very informative and enjoyed it.

Paola gave me a CD to listen to as much as I could. While I was working I listened to the CD about 3 times a week and this increased nearer to my due date. I found the CD to be wonderfully relaxing and really believed it was having a positive effect.

When labour started my partner and I put the techniques we had learnt into practice. I visualised my beautiful beach, did lots of deep breathing and this really helped, alongside the tens machine. After a good few hours my labour pains accelerated very quickly and I did then need extra pain relief. At this point I called Paola and she talked me through the next half hour or so, on the phone, until I got to hospital and then received the gas and air I needed. As it turned out Paola ended up attending the birth of my beautiful baby girl. She was an amazing support to me and it was great to have her there. I had the wonderful natural childbirth that I wanted and I genuinely believe that the relaxation techniques really helped throughout my labour.

Labour is hard work, and I found it to be exactly that. At times the contractions were very intense, but with the techniques I learnt from Paola I believe I remained calm and this is what helped me through. I certainly won't be passing on any horror stories about my labour.

I would recommend that anyone pregnant attends the hypno-birthing course! My partner also found it helpful in knowing the best way to help me stay focused.

Comment from Paola. It was a wonderful experience and, an honour, to be present at the birth. Jackie did really well and was in control at all times and so achieved the natural birth she so wanted with ease.

Evey Allsopp, Bromley, Kent
The workshop put my mind at rest, left me feeling excited and looking forward to the birth.

Mathoothe Mositi, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
The teaching was clear and simple, easy to understand and has reduced the fears I had about birth and breast feeding. In fact I have now decided to breast feed and I can't wait for the experience of giving birth and being a parent.

Mary Prior, Anerley, SE20, came for her second baby
It's great to take a day out of your hectic life and slow things down! I really enjoyed being hypnotised.

Hayley Perez, Purley, Surrey, came for her second baby
I really enjoyed the biology lesson and the three stages of labour and also learning to go into deep relaxation. After the course I felt my anxieties were slipping away and I felt more confidence in myself to deliver a natural birth.
NOTE: Hayley's first birth was long and she had considerable intervention.

John Perez (Hayley's Husband)
I feel empowered and confident now going into the birth.

Jo Forsyth, SW11, came for her first baby
Knowledge is empowering and removes the fear.

Baby born using Hypnobirthing
Charlotte Elizabeth

Jo sent me a long email 2nd August, 2008. This is part of it.
Dear Paola,
Just to let you know that I gave birth to a baby girl on Tuesday evening (on time! 30.7.2008) - we called her Charlotte Elizabeth and she weighed in at 7lbs 5oz. We are getting on well - I have found breastfeeding a bit hard (cracked nipples!) but think I have now turned a corner! She is a very good baby (so far!) and Gordon and I are both very besotted!
Thank you so much for all your input - I really do feel that the workshop helped me to approach the birth with confidence and serenity - unfortunately the downside was that it lead to disbelief that I was in anything other than very early labour!!!
(The midwife told Jo that the pains would get much worse and that the baby would not be born until the next morning! In fact the entire birth only took five and a half hours and the pains did not get any worse!)
Kind regards,

Melissa Walker, SW14, came for her first baby

I feel confident and excited about the birth.

Augusta Glasz, Orpington, Kent, came for her second baby
I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I must admit I have been pleasantly surprised!
Excellent! I recommend this workshop to all mother’s new and experienced mothers.

Eric Dodoo (Augusta’s Partner)
Keep doing what you do.

Kate Georgiev, Bromley, Kent, came for her first baby
A really enjoyable day. I am looking forward to practising hypnosis and using it for my wonderful, happy childbirth.

Martin Georgiev (Kate’s husband)
Thank you very much for the wonderful course, it was really helpful.